Saturday, March 25, 2017

Editor's Note

I have been doing a reno project on my Montreal home and my Gf's home on the weekends. I should be finished in a few weeks. Unfortunately .... posting is going to sparse for the next few Saturdays and Sundays. As for today .... blogging will return late tonight.

On a side note .... WNU's traffic has doubled in the past few months. This is quite a shock for me .... to know that on any given day there are 10,000 to 15,000 unique visitors (or more) coming to this site. When I first started this blog ..... my priority was to have a simple site that chronicled what I found interesting .... and to work on my written English skills. And if there was a visitor .... wow .... I was impressed. And if there was a comment left behind .... shocked.

Yup .... 80,000 posts later. 100,000 comments later. The times have changed.

So ..... I just want to say thank you to everyone. Supporters, critics .... you have all been (and will always be) invaluable to me. So thank you for your support. Your feedback. And most of all .... your interest.

Now back to my reno project. :)


James said...

Don't forget to send thankyou cards to your family.

Alex said...

Congratulations on the site growth. Been following you since maybe 2010 or 11 (give or take) and I hope you don't change a thing.

Turfy77 said...

WNU has been my most valuable source of news for 5-10years, keep up the good work.

Jac said...

Well, success is the reward of your work and your talent.

Sheerah said...

I've been reading your posts & sharing them on Facebook since 2010, when my youngest son joined the Army & was deployed. Your info was then & is still now extremely valuable! Congrats on the stats!

War News Updates Editor said...

LOL So true James. I have a big family who must visit my blog each day or else. :)

Alex. I am not going to change a thing. But for the post 2 years I have been making the promise to update my blogroll on the left side .... I can see myself doing that after I have finished doing my renovation work.

Turfy77. Yup .... its been that long.

Jac .... and I enjoy what I do. :)

Sheerah. Say thank-you to your son for his service.

On a side note .... for about 6 years (according to a tracking tool that I use to monitor who comes to this website) .... someone from the White House (at least that is what the ip address was) has been consistently visiting the site around noon on almost every weekday. Those visits stopped after Christmas (change of administration I guess). A message to that reader .... contact me if you wish. I am curious to know who you are, and (of course) I will respect your privacy.. If not .... I will understand .... but it is something that I will always wonder about. :)

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