Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Experts Worry About A Chernobyl-Scale Chemical Disaster In Eastern Ukraine

FOX News: Chernobyl-scale chemical disaster looms in Eastern Ukraine war, experts warn

This isn’t a cold war; it’s a hot war. And experts caution that the conflict in Eastern Ukraine could soon get a whole lot hotter if fighting damages huge industrial storage units of chlorine gas and there is a deadly release of the toxic gas.

“If one of those uncontrolled sites containing chemicals were to detonate, tens of thousands of people could be poisoned. It is a potential disaster on the scale of Chernobyl,” Robert Amsterdam, Russian political expert and lawyer at international law firm Amsterdam & Partners, told Fox News.

The risk is hardly hypothetical. Late last month a stray artillery shell hit the Donetsk Filter Station’s chlorine gas depot, which holds 15,000 pounds of chlorine gas. While the containers -- by sheer luck – were not damaged, the incident raised serious red flags.

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WNU Editor: I am more worried about this .... Ukraine on the brink of a nuclear disaster (GroundReport).


Anonymous said...

In today's age you can't quell a rebellious uprising by shear force. Ukraine is a shining example of a totalitarian regime implemented under the pretense of democracy. Months went by without a single protester death, yet because power was given and not earnt, what followed was death. Only dictators murder anyone and everyone who is a threat to their power.

Andrew Jackson said...

Fake news.