Friday, March 24, 2017

French Presidential Contender Le Pen Meets Russian President Putin At The Kremlin

Russian President Vladimir Putin shakes hands with Marine Le Pen in Moscow. Sputnik/Mikhail Klimentyev/Kremlin via REUTERS

Reuters: Russia's Putin meets French presidential contender Le Pen in Kremlin

President Vladimir Putin granted an audience to French far-right party leader Marine Le Pen in the Kremlin on Friday, bestowing a level of international recognition that has so far eluded her in the countdown to France's presidential election.

Opinion polls show Le Pen getting through to the second, decisive round of the French presidential election on May 7 but then losing to centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron.

Le Pen, who has said she admires Putin, reiterated her call for a lifting of the European Union's economic sanctions imposed on Russia over its role in the Ukraine conflict.

"We attach great importance to our relations with France, but at the same time we try to maintain equal relations both with the current authorities and with representatives of the opposition," said Putin ahead of his talks with Le Pen.

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WNU Editor: When I heard about this meeting I said to myself .... why go and meet Putin now? And when I look at the above photo .... Putin has the look of a cat that just ate the canary.

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aaa said...

WNU Editor: "When I heard about this meeting I said to myself .... why go and meet Putin now? And when I look at the above photo .... Putin has the look of a cat that just ate the canary."

Exactly what I thought. After reading the article though, reporters were initially told Le Pen would be meeting with Russian parliamentarians and would give a news conference with Russia's Foreign Affairs Committee chair. However, she never showed up. The speaker of Russia's lower house said Le Pen had "left to visit an exhibition of French Gothic art".

I'm guessing that her intention was in fact to visit parliament. Putin being Putin took advantage of her visit and basically hijacked it by inviting her to the Kremlin to give the appearance that she's in his pocket and sow division in France and the West. In the pictures of the meeting, she looks upset and Putin, as you said, looks like he just ate the canary.

RussInSoCal said...

Putin always seems to have "that look".

Anonymous said...

Because he's always winning. Eventually he's going to get tired of winning so much. It must really hurt to win so often. I bet he just wants to lose once so he can remember what its like

B.Poster said...

Why go meet with Putin now? Unlike American Democrats and much of the news media the French and it seems many Western Europeans do not seem to harbor a crazy obsession with exacerbating Cold War II and/or further inflaming tensions with Russia that could lead to hot war with Russia and its allies.

I think Forbes had this right when it pegged VP as the most powerful man in the world. Other reports have VP as the richest man in the world. This is very likely correct as well. He's the head of a country with a vast nuclear arsenal, extremely skilled intelligence services which include arguably the best cyber warriors on earth, a well trained, well led, and highly motivated military that is among the world's most skilled, his country has vast natural resources, a huge territory, and Russian alliances are both broad and deep.

By meeting with Mr. Putin now especially while in the midst of a campaign Ms. Le Pen looks like a true leader who is looking out for the interests of the French people. At least this is how I believe the French people will view this and her chances of success in the election just increased exponentially.

Such is the attitude of Western Europeans. They do not want conflict with Russia. They want better relations with this important country. If properly explained, most Americans want the same thing. The only ones crazy enough or foolish enough to actually want this seem to be American Democrats and Ms. Merkel of Germany and her fellow travelers. Prediction: come the next election cycle in Germany Ms. Merkel and her ilk will lose and lose big unless they can engineer some sort of hook or crook to remain in power. In other words, blaming Russia will not work and is not only becoming tiresome but is distracting us from dealing with serious issues facing our nations. To say such behavior is extremely reckless is an understatement.

Ms. Le Pen and Mr. Putin could be laying the groundwork for negotiations on the 500 billion dollar oil deal the United States lost out on when it stupidly chose to impose sanctions on Russia over Ukraine. Someone was going to get this and unfortunately it does not seem the United States will.

Jay Farquharson said...

It's an election where in Le Pen is being "tainted" as a pro-Putin stooge, from campaign money to Russian Hackers.

And in the heat of the Campaign she travels to Russia to meet publically with her "handler".

Not French voters, but Russian Manipulators.

It's really bad election "optics".

For some of the French far-right, Putin represents the White, Male, "Traditional" European Nationalism they want.

For much of the mainstream right and some of the far-right, Putin echo's the rising Russia/Communism that the French Right fought against from Napoleanic times, until 1991, with echo's of late 1930's Hitler thrown in.

It's those vote's Le Pen need to take from the UDI to win any serious representation.

Aizino Smith said...

Uh Oh,

Russians stealing another election!

Liberals are about to get their panties twisted in a knot again and they will go "Code Pink"!

Jay Farquharson said...

After Citizen's United and the so called "conservatives" embrace of the idea that the Presidency, House and Senate should be owned by the highest US bidder,

It was only a matter of time before the so called "conservatives" embraced and promote the idea that even Foreign bidders should be allowed.


B.Poster said...


The tainting of Ms. Le Pen as some sort of pro Russian stooge is a desparate attempt by the media to unsrmine someone. The Feench are generally very smart. It seems unlikely they are going to fall for sonething so transparent. Besides France and Russia have many common interests. Far from being a stooge the leader or prospective leader who would serk cooperation is wise.

It's not uncommon for US leaders to visit foreign countries during election campaign. This does not make the foreign leader their "handler." It does demonstrate that the leader or prospective leader can interact well with foreign leaders, if handled properly. In this case, Ms. Le Pen looks like a serious leader seeking to improve ties with an important leader of an important country.

"Russian manipulators?" While the Russians are good at getting their message out, the Rusdian demonization currently prevelant in the media and among certain Democrat politicians in the US is reckless, clunsy, and easily seen through by anyone not blinded by ideology. The French are very smart. By meeting with Russian leaders right now she appears sane, reasonable, and even a statesman. While I will watch the video shortly, this would seem to be great optics during the midst of a campaign to be able to demonstrate you have sufficient respect from an important foreign leader to get an sudience with him.

The goal is to provide for our national security, grow our economies, preserve, and perhaps even expand our civilizations. Presumably this is the goal of the French as well. By suggesting that certain French people or others think it imprudent to actively seek hostile relations with Russia represent some sort of white male traditional nationalism or ehatever you seem to be suggesting they are racists. Trying to shame/brow beat Americans to take a position contrary to their interests has often been successful because of the country's past. With that said Americans aren't the same as those of the past today. As such, this method of manipulation is becomong less effective.

As for the French, they don't have this past. As such, brow beating them in this manner is not only unlikely to work but will result in very bad consequences for thosd who would try such manipulation.

Russian Communists? Nazis? The Soviet Union and Russian communism are gone. Tbey aren't coming back. Nazi Gsrmany is gone. It isn't coming bsck either. For that matter Jim Crow America, World War 2 era America etc are gone and are not coming back. These countries have all changed. On this note for HRC to compare Vladimir Putin to Hiltler was about the most reckless and stupid thing a leader or prospective leader could possibly say. When confronted with a choice where one of the two choices is such a reckless person, there would literally be no other reasonable choice but to choose the other optikn.

Prediction: Ms. Le Pen will probably win this time but she may not this time but she or soneone like her will win next tine.

Jay Farquharson said...

It doesn't matter if Marie le Pen is a Russian stooge or not.

Running to Russia to meet Putin in the middle of hotly contested election = Russian stooge.

Running to Marsaille, to talk with French Fishermen about EU Quota's, the migrant crisis and fuel subsidies = maybe not a Russian stooge.

French elections have since the end of WWII have been won and lost on domestic policy. Most French Voter's don't give a crap about Foreign Policy other than trade.

B.Poster said...

Speaking of trade Ms. Le Pen did discuss the need to work with Russia based upon French energy needs and has said the sanctions need to be lifted. Perhaps this is what they were discussing. If France gets the 500 billion dollar oil deal the US foolishly took itself out of with the stupidest move ever made by a major power when it imposed sanctions on Russia over Ukraine.

Since relations with Russia tie into trade such as energy deals and the lifting of sanctions, this is very important to France and I think the French voters will be impressed. As for the EU quotas and what not, expect France to distance itself from the EU in the next few years. As such, quotas of this type figure to not be relevant.

Since trade for France will be much better if cordial relations with Russia are achieved, this is very important. Bad relations with Russia will be harmful to the French economy. Also, France may need support from Russia to stand up to heavy handed tactics of the EU. As such, this is a smart move by Le Pen. The French have demonstrated themselves to be a smart, aggressive, and ruthless people down through the years. If I can catch on, I find it highly unlikely that they won't.

Furthermore no one in Western Europe including France wants Cold War II. It's bad for the economy and its bad for security. The only folks who want this seem to be insane US Democrats, screwed up "leaders" of Germany, and eastern European nations who are more than happy to use the US as a pawn in their power struggles. Especially the French would much rather fight America than Russia.

My prediction is she wins. Even if she doesn't win now, either she or someone like her is going to win next time and before long all Western European nations will be led by people like her.

B.Poster said...

Just a few quotes attributed to Ms. Le Pen, 1.)"I don't see any reason to engage in a cold war in any form. Russia as well as the US is a great power. It's very important for France to build up balanced relations with both of these countries. I think we could do that with Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump." 2.) "The priority is to allow cooperation between Russia and France not only in culture but also in business and strategic cooperation such as the fight against ISIS and also in energy. France shouldn't put limits on itself when it comes to improving relations with Russia. First of all we should lift the sanctions (against Russia) that have been forced upon us by the European Union." 3.) In regards to allegations of Russian meddling in the US elections or possible meddling in the French election, "I hear all the time French President Hollande talking about it but I have never seen any proof to these accusations. At the same time I see that Hollande does not ask the US for explanations although it turned out the CIA eavesdropped on some European leaders and the 2012 Presidential elections. I think we should stop this policy of double standards - this is what creates a sense of injustice not only for Russian people but for many nations worldwide."

If this is a Russian "stooge." we all need more of them!! The policies espoused here are clearly in French interests. If only Russian "stooges" can figure this out, we need more of them.

With regards to point 1 Russia is a great power. Is the US? Possibly but this is a questionable assumption. Even if it is a great power, US commitment to Western Europe is not indefinite nor is it a blank check for Western Europeans to use and abuse the Americans any way they see fit. American attitudes are changing and the current commitments to organizations like NATO will be ending. At a time when the US military is barely capable of defending the American mainland, if that, the infrastructure is crumbling, and many barely have enough to eat this type of commitment cannot be maintained and the American people are fed up with this abuse and will not stand for it much longer and will vote accordingly. Assuming America survives long enough expect this commitment to end within five years. As such, European nations including France need to prepare accordingly. Essentially Russian involvement in European affairs is forever. America is not. while Russia could be fading due to demographic problems. America is fading far faster. As such, good relations with Russia are far more important will be far more important to any European nation than good relations with America.

Point 2 is spot on. There really isn't much to add except to reiterate the stupidity in imposing sanctions on Russia over Ukraine in a move that severely undermined US interests, has costs a great deal, and given us nothing.

Point 3 is a bit more complicated. Of course the US eavesdropped on countries like Germany and France. They are enemies. Since their Intelligence agencies are far better than ours, one can only imagine what they are up to. to hear Ms. Le Pen talk about DJT as in the possibility of seeking good relations with him/us is music to the ears of Americans who read this quote and would make many want to to support her if they could.

Frankly, America needs someone like her. The good news for EU nations and the world is all of them will be led by people like her in the near future. America will as well and can finally look forward to improvement assuming it survives long enough.