Friday, March 31, 2017

Is Gibraltar At Risk In The Brexit Talks?

The Guardian: Future of Gibraltar at stake in Brexit negotiations

EU guidelines make clear bloc will not overrule Spain in any trade or sovereignty dispute involving British overseas territory

The EU has put the future of Gibraltar at stake in the coming Brexit negotiations, effectively backing Spain in its centuries-old dispute with the UK over the British overseas territory.

After lobbying from Spanish diplomats, the EU’s opening negotiating position for the Brexit talks presents the British government with the choice of reaching agreement with the Spaniards about Gibraltar’s future, or exposing its citizens to economic peril by pushing “the rock” outside any EU-UK trade deal.

“The union will stick up for its members, and that means Spain now,” a senior EU official said. Residents of Gibraltar, which Spain has sought to reclaim almost since it was ceded to Britain in 1713, voted 96% to remain in the EU.

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Update #1: EU offers Spain veto right over Gibraltar in Brexit talks (Reuters)
Update #2: EU Draft Guidelines say no Brexit deal can apply to Gibraltar without Spain's agreement (GBC)
Update #3: Brexit: Gibraltar angered by Spain's EU 'veto' (BBC)

WNU Editor:
It looks like the fix is in.


Aizino Smith said...

Bunch of fucking mean shit bureaucrats are not asking the people of Gibraltar what country they want to belong to.

If the stupid fuckers in the EU want to give or force (war?) Britain to give Gibraltar to Spain, should not Ceuta go to Morocco?

Besides if the EU cannot live up to its NATO responsibilities is there army big
enough to force the issue?

EU politicians have to be the most useless politicians on planet. They are like tits on boar.

Would the Gibraltans want to be part of the moribund economy of Spain or part of Britain's economy.

Mediterranian Europe does not do well economically and the EU powerhouses France(?) and Germany have done little to fix that.

Aizino Smith said...

Voted 96% to be part of a bad economy, Spain?

B.Poster said...

Once the UK is freed from the shackles of the EU, it has a fighting chance to have a bright future both economically and otherwise. Being chained to the EU offers no such hope. If Gibraltans are thinking rationally, they will obviously want to go with a vibrant UK that has growth potential and a shot at a bright future as opposed to an EU that not only offers no such hope but is a doomed entity. Anyone thinking rationally would exit the EU now rather than risk getting caught in it's death spiral. Unfortunately humans don't always think rationally.

Jay Farquharson said...

"The referendum result within Gibraltar was declared early on Friday 24 June 2016 by the counting officer and Clerk to the Gibraltar Parliament Paul Martinez at the University of Gibraltar at 0040 CEST making it the first of the 382 voting areas to declare and its result was fed into the South West England regional count and then the overall national count. The result saw the single biggest "Remain" vote of all the 382 voting areas with only 4% of Gibraltarian voters opting to leave on a very high turnout of 84% with large queues reported at the Polling stations. Overall the United Kingdom voted narrowly by 51.9% to 48.1% to leave the European Union. Despite the overwhelming vote to remain in the European Union Gibratar will be leaving the European Union as it was a popular vote of the whole of the United Kingdom with no double majority of the UK constituent countries or Gibraltar required for any kind of "Leave" vote."

Anonymous said...

Whatever is bad for democracy and the Western world, Bposter will argue for it

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