Wednesday, March 8, 2017

It's North Korea's Chemical Weapon's Program That We Should Be Worried About


Gordon G. Chang, Daily Beast: Kim’s Killer Chemicals, Spread Far and Wide, Could Target the U.S.

North Korea’s chemical weapons are the WMD of choice for some of the world’s most horrible regimes.

North Korea used a weapon of mass destruction, VX nerve agent, to murder one man in Malaysia last month, settling an old family feud.

But that is not the only time the regime in Pyongyang has been linked to the use of deadly chemicals. In Syria in 2013 the Assad regime, reportedly with the assistance of the North Korean military, used the chemical weapon sarin and possibly VX as well to kill people in far greater numbers. More than 1,400 people died, of whom more than 400 were children. And if there is another war on the Korean Peninsula, hundreds of thousands will be killed by chemical agents in the Kim family’s arsenal.

Pyongyang claims it does not possess such weapons. The North, however, has not signed the Chemical Weapons Convention, so there is no verification.

“Of those handful of states that have not acceded to the convention, the most threatening, by far and away, is North Korea,” veteran Pentagon advisor Robert Collins tells The Daily Beast.

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WNU Editor: The assassination of North Korean Kim Jung UN's brother by a VX nerve agent has clearly spooked a lot of people.


Turfy77 said...

Something for South Korea to be terrified about

opit said...

Given the timeline to the ISIS use of Turkish gas ( outdated ) alleged incorrectly to have been used by Assad's military you have to wonder about the reliability of any reports of WMD use. I suppose it's a change from lies about Iraqi or Iranian WMD. North Korea was so harassed I'm convinced they believed they were left no option but to make some. The UN Security Council got a note of their outrage some years ago, before the last tests. "There have been 2054 nuclear tests. We have made 2. You have done the rest. Yet we are irresponsible ? What hypocrisy !" Transcend Media has a section front outlining the NPT TRAP : Toxic RadioActive Proliferator. Iran was to be suckered into it and Fukushima was a GE turn key installation where both GE design engineers and contractor's engineers walked out over siting powerplants in a known earthquake zone. Greg Palast has posts on the contractor. YouTube should yield the GE dissent.
Watch the pretty lights for a reality check.