Monday, March 27, 2017

Kenya Claims Successful Military Raids Against Al-Shabaab Bases In Somalia

Reuters: Kenyan forces kill 31 al Shabaab militants in Somalia: statement

Kenyan troops in Somalia killed 31 Islamist al Shabaab militants in a raid on two of their bases in the southern Somali region of Jubbaland, the Kenyan military said on Monday.

The East African nation has thousands of its forces in the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) to help curb al Shabaab and improve security as part of a reconstruction drive after two decades of civil war that shattered the country.

"Ground troops were supported by attack helicopters and artillery fire," the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) said in a statement about Sunday's raid on al Shabaab bases in the Baadhade district of Jubbaland.

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Update: Kenya Says Its Army Killed 31 Extremists in Somalia (AP)

WNU Editor: The miltiary battles are continuing, but famine fears are spreading .... With Somalia in the Throes of Famine, UN Warns of Worsening Crisis (NBC).


Aizino Smith said...

If there is a famine in Somalia, it is all on Al Shabaab.

To wit:

Meals on wheels works fairly well.

Meals on wheels does not work under Islamic conditions.

You know where good Muslims make the area kinetic and kidnap or kill aid workers.

Aizino Smith said...

I meant the last comment.

Many liberals are confused. I mean people like JabberJay or Mattis, who read The Guardian and drool.

Westminster attacker acted alone and motive may never be known, say police - The Guardian

Westminster killer Khalid Masood 'acted alone and we may never know his motive' - The Independent 

"Yes we may never know why the ISIS terrorist did what he did. At least unless ISIS releases yet another martyrdom video. But there will be no closure. Let's just blame...

1. Drugs and alcohol

2. Mental illness

3. Pretend he was a confused madman whose actions can never possibly make any sense even though he's part of a string of Islamic terrorists doing the same thing."

The guy spent 7 years in Saudi Arabia drinking in straight, uncut Islam.

Yet the clueless among us will never know or never admit the real reason.