Sunday, March 5, 2017

Mexico Is Waging A Sewage War Against the U.S.

San Diego Union Tribune: Calls mount for investigation into massive Tijuana River sewage spill

Lawmakers, regulators and environmental groups in San Diego County are calling on federal officials to investigate a massive sewage spill in the Tijuana River that some people believe Mexico may have intentionally caused and then refused to explain much about it.

Mexican authorities have yet to give a full accounting of how, without advance notice, an estimated 143 million gallons of effluent spewed into the river during 17 days that ended on Feb. 23. The pollution flowed into South County and has continued to contaminate beaches as far north as Coronado. Signs posted along that entire stretch of coastline urge people to stay out of the water because toxins in the sewage can sicken or kill swimmers.

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WNU Editor: People are getting pissed-off .... Mexico's sewage warfare (Monica Showalter, American Interest). Personally .... I can never understand Mexico. From wanting its citizens to leave (and not wanting them to come back) .... to how they manage their economy/political system/and social systems .... it has always been the same story with Mexico. But the environment .... or how they have mismanaged (and are still mismanaging) their environment .... is what has always caught my eye. When you leave the clean environment of their tourist hot spots .... no words can describe how messed up everything is. That is why I am not surprised by the above San Diego Union Tribune story .... but what is making me laugh is that these U.S. officials are surprised that Mexico actually went ahead and this. Duhhhh!!!! ... visit Mexico more often.


Anonymous said...

I was wondering if this would finally make the national/international news...we have been dealing with this nonsense for decades. Another way that Mexico likes sticking it to the gringos is through the b"New river" or "American river" as it's also called which flows north into the US just east of San Diego. Raw sewage and toxic industrial waste is regularly dumped into this river be Mexican companies...let the Americans deal with it.

Aizino Smith said...

WNU ask your distant cousin if Mexico is mismanaging their state owned oil company.

That is they are getting less oil out of the fields than they should due to poor technical practices.

Except for a very large new find in the last 2 years, their proven reserves are declining fairly fast.

How can the Mexican political establishment govern without sufficient oil revenue?

Between oil and a trade surplus Mexico cannot seem to grow their economy fast enough . This has been the case for a decades.
Within 1 generation without new oil finds, the Mexican economy will be cavitating.

Aizino Smith said...

" Signs posted along that entire stretch of coastline urge people to stay out of the water because toxins in the sewage can sicken or kill swim"

Sounds like warfare by plausible deniability.

Some engineers need their licenses yanked.

If the Mexican professional bodies or authorities will not due it then, the professional organizations need to be suspended by the appropriate international body.

Maybe that way some engineers won't be lapdogs for a bunch of no good polticians.

Jay Farquharson said...

This would normally be handled by the State Department and the EPA.

Nice to know real 'Murican's got rid of those two Agencies.