Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- March 15, 2017

South China Morning Post: China ready to neutralise THAAD, retired PLA general says

The military will deploy its own system before Seoul sets up the American one, Wang Hongguang says

China knew it might not be able to stop Seoul deploying a US anti-missile system and was prepared to counter with its own anti-radar equipment, a retired PLA general said on Monday.

The comments by Wang Hongguang came as a South Korean court’s decision to uphold the impeachment of Park Geun-hye, the country’s former president, fanned hopes Seoul might put plans for the Terminal High Altitude Area ­Defence system on hold.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- March 15, 2017

THAAD Drama: China May Jam US Radar Signals in South Korea -- Sputnik

Seoul, Washington, Tokyo begin missile defense drill -- Korea Times

South Korea's Air Force drilling to counter N. Korean provocations -- Yonhap

N. Korea 62 pct likely to conduct nuclear or missile test in next 30 days: think tank -- Yonhap

Report: Japan’s Largest Warship Heading to South China Sea, Will Train With U.S., Indian Navies -- USNI News

China waits to hear why Japanese warship going to South China Sea -- Reuters

Taiwan's defence review highlights China military threat, conflict crisis potential in South China Sea -- Straits Times/Reuters

Boeing to sustain South Korea's F-15 fleet -- UPI

Developing Special Operations Forces in China and Russia -- Will Edwards, Cipher Brief

India test fires BrahMos Extended Range missile -- UPI

Victory for British Marine as Appeal Court judges CLEAR him of murdering Taliban fighter in Afghanistan -- Daily Mail

Northrop Grumman providing targeting pods for Danish F-16s -- UPI

Obama Administration Halted $1B Arms Sale to Taiwan Before Exiting Office -- Sputnik

U.S. State Dept. approves mortar round sales to Singapore -- UPI

Drone warfare in Mosul shapes US Army training to defeat airborne threats -- Defense News

Here's how the Air Force is fixing the F-35's moving target problem -- Defense News

Navy "Columbia-Class" Nuclear Armed Ballistic Missile Submarines Enter New Phase -- Scout Warrior

Army Growth May Not Keep Pace with Deployments: General --

Raytheon developing next-gen missile defense communications -- UPI

US Army shows off its 'hoverbike' delivery drone -- PC World

Administration weighing changes that would loosen battlefield rules of engagement -- Washington Examiner

The Military Value of the Defense Department’s Energy Efforts -- John Conger, Defense One

What’s the Purpose of President Trump’s Navy? -- Simon Reich & Peter Dombrowski, RCD

5 Ways to Better Manage U.S. Defense Spending -- Lawrence J. Korb and Meredith Leal, Center for American Progress

The Future of U.S. Laser Weapons -- James Hasik & Julian Eagle-Platon, RCD

Congressman proposes creating a National Guard for cybersecurity -- Military Times

Sailors targeted at more than a dozen Navy commands in growing military nude photo sharing scandal -- Navy Times

Retired admiral, 8 others charged in latest 'Fat Leonard' indictments -- Defense News

Mattis: 'Climate change' is a national security threat -- Washington Examiner

Sources: Mattis, Ricardel clashed over Pentagon appointees -- Defense News

Filling in the Blanks at Trump’s Pentagon -- Mark Thompson, National Interest


Anonymous said...

How do you counter a missile defence system? with hypersonic weaponry?

Jay Farquharson said...

THAAD relies on 2 Xband radars for surveillance, target identification and tracking.

In a Cold War, you just deploy Xband jammers to blind the radars and keep them blind.

In a Hot War you target the radars with AARM's.

Dead radars, the THAAD missiles stay in the launchers.

Because THAAD can be/is "networked" to other sensors, in a Hot War you either have to "kill" those other sensors, or "kill" the Command and Control module.

Andrew Jackson said...

War is money,you spend money get it!