Thursday, March 2, 2017

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- March 2, 2017

Press TV

Daily Mail: Iran will purchase warships, submarines and missiles as soon as its UN resolution deal expires, U.S. intelligence chiefs warn

* A UN resolution banning Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons expires in 2020
* A report from the Office of Naval Intelligence suggest they will start buying warships, submarines and missiles immediately after the deal expires
* The report describes Iran's current military strategy as 'ballistic missiles, naval forces, and proxies in the region'
* When the ban expires, 'Iran may look to foreign acquisitions of ships and submarines with a wide array of weapons suites'
* Since taking office, President Donald Trump has pledged to get tough with Iran

Iran could purchase warships, submarines and missiles as early as 2020, when a United Nations resolution banning them from acquiring sophisticated weapons is lifted, according to the US Office of Naval Intelligence.

The resolution's expiration will 'allow Iran to pursue foreign acquisitions that have been inaccessible since sanctions were imposed', according to a new assessment of Iran's naval forces.

The weapons ban will be lifted in 2020 as part of an international deal struck in July 2015 between the United States, five allies and Iran in hopes of curtailing the country's nuclear program.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- March 2, 2017

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West Point cadet charged, two others referred to courts-martial on drug charges -- MidHudson news

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