Friday, March 24, 2017

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- March 24, 2017

The Izumo and the Kaga, Japan’s Helicopter carriers Newsline

RT: Japan commissions new $1bn Izumo-class helicopter carrier amid tensions with China

Japan's new, $1-billion helicopter destroyer ‘Kaga’ has entered service. The 248-meter-long destroyer can reportedly carry up to 28 aircraft, including helicopters involved in searching for Chinese submarines amid the deepening row in the South China Sea.

Maritime Self Defense Force commanders inaugurated the ship at the Japan Marine United shipyard in Yokohama near Tokyo. The ‘Kaga’ is docked there next to its sister ship, the ‘Izumo’.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- March 24, 2017

Japan commissions second helicopter carrier -- UPI

Japan Commissions Sub-Hunting Helicopter Carrier to Brace for ‘China Threat’ -- Sputnik

China says hopes new Japanese carrier doesn't mark return to militarism -- Reuters

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Russian Armed Forces Receive Over 6,000 Advanced Arms in 2016 - Defense Minister -- Sputnik

Russia's New Air Defense System to Be in Line With Armata Tank -- Sputnik

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Navy Bracing For Air Wing Shutdowns, Ship Maintenance Cancellations If Continuing Resolution Extended -- USNI News

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Top general: Trump State Department cuts would hurt military's efforts against Russia -- The Hill

Pentagon worried about Chinese investment in US startups: report -- The Hill

The Army is developing a new Expert Action Badge for soldiers who aren't grunts -- Army Times

Bergdahl lawyers appeal Trump motion to top military court -- The Hill

Army develops new nutritional bed-time snack bar for basic trainees -- Army Times

The US Navy has a severe 'missile gap' with China and Russia — here's how it can beat them anyway -- Alex Lockie, Business Insider

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