Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- March 28, 2017

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CNN: US sees a resurgent Russian military expanding into Afghanistan, Libya

The Kremlin's ambitions in the Middle East reach far beyond Syria, according to US officials.

From Afghanistan to Libya, US Pentagon officials are increasingly concerned by mounting Russian military and diplomatic activity they believed is aimed at undermining the US and NATO.

Some of the actions Moscow is accused of participating in include sending operatives to support an armed faction in Libya and providing political legitimacy -- and maybe even supplies -- to the Taliban in Afghanistan. These moves come on top of their overt dispatching of warplanes and ships to target the political opponents of its ally in Syria.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- March 28, 2017

Russia can use Iranian military bases ‘on case by case basis,’ Tehran confirms -- RT

Testing of Russia's 'Texas-killing' Nuclear Missile Delayed, Again -- Moscow Times

Top Russian military brass warns nearly all low-orbit satellites within reach of US missiles -- TASS

US Radars Cover Almost All Russian Territory - Russian MoD -- Sputnik

Military expert warns US ABMs can detect any missile shield, even Russian ones -- TASS

Top Russian military brass warns US missile defense ships in Black and Baltic seas can hit Russia -- TASS

Russia Joins US in Race to Field Gun-Launched Swarmbots -- Defense One

Tajikistan To Hold Separate Military Maneuvers With U.S., Russian Troops -- RFE

China to open first drone factory in Saudi Arabia -- UPI

China army drills on Myanmar border amid tensions -- Reuters

South China Sea: Aircraft hangars, radar installed on artificial islands -- CNN

South Korea looks to Southeast Asia to sell training aircraft -- UPI

North Korea tests rocket engine: U.S. officials -- Reuters

Australia modernizes Anzac-class frigate -- UPI

U.S. Boosts Military Backing for Saudi-Led Coalition in Yemen -- WSJ

Pentagon denies changing airstrike rules after reports of civilian deaths -- The Hill

U.S. reinforcements in Mosul include up to 300 Army paratroopers -- Military Times

North Korea strikes would be blocked, U.S. State Department says -- UPI

Marines Test Killer Hovercraft, Wooden Glider & 3D Printers For The Battlefield -- Breaking Defense

Boeing gets $59 million contract mod for KC-46 production -- UPI

Pentagon Likely to Throw $29B at Lockheed for King Stallion Chopper -- Sputnik

High-Tech Army Device Helps Mobile Infantry in Combat -- Scout Warrior

Army develops powerfully nutritious bedtime snack for new recruits -- FOX News

This U.S. Army Helicopter Drone Could Evacuate Wounded Soldiers -- Popular Mechanics

U.S. Army studies 'third arm' device for soldiers -- UPI

Say Goodbye To The Navy’s Online General Military Training -- Task & Purpose

The Heart of the F-35 Is Its Remarkable Engine -- RCD

How the US Navy plans to fix the F-35's most troubling problem -- Alex Lockie, Business Insider

Army Discharging Sergeant for Emailing Same Bin Laden Raid Intel Obama Touted in 2011 -- Washington Free Beacon

Military Members Stole Millions in Afghan Rebuilding Effort -- Military.com/News & Observer (Raleigh, NC)

US Navy SEALs develop mental toughness by reinforcing one behavior -- Quartz

Trump, Palantir, and the Battle to Clean Up a Huge Billion-Dollar Military Procurement Swamp -- Steven Brill, Fortune

Trump's 12-carrier Navy plan: Anything but smooth sailing -- Jamie McIntyre, Washington Examiner

Will DARPA Get Its Cylons Back? -- James Hasik, Atlantic Council

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