Friday, March 3, 2017

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- March 3, 2017

Reuters: Trump says wants defense buildup to project U.S. power abroad

President Donald Trump said on Thursday he wants a U.S. military buildup of more ships and planes to "project American power in distant lands," making his case for a proposed $54 billion increase in defense spending that has U.S. lawmakers squabbling.

Wearing an olive military jacket and hat aboard a new aircraft carrier, the Gerald R. Ford, in Newport News, Virginia, Trump said he wanted the U.S. military to have the finest equipment in the world.

Trump this week proposed a $54 billion increase over last year in defense spending, boosting the Pentagon budget to $603 billion, and said he wanted to launch the biggest military buildup in American history to make up for what he called a depleted armed forces.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- March 3, 2017

Trump touts 'peace through strength' aboard Navy's new $13B supercarrier -- UPI

Trump visits aircraft carrier to push military agenda but pitfalls loom -- CNN

ONI Report: Iran Developing Sub Launched Missiles to Combat Ships in Strait of Hormuz -- USNI News

Defense Ministry never received any reports from Pentagon on dangerous warplanes encounter -- TASS

Russia’s advanced attack helicopters prove high efficiency in Palmyra fighting — general -- TASS

Operation to free Palmyra conducted under Russian military advisers’ guidance -- TASS

Russia Moves Ahead With PAK DA Stealth Bomber -- Franz-Stefan Gady, The Diplomat

Not by Assault Rifle Alone: Russia's Kalashnikov Arms Maker Rolls Out New Drone -- Sputnik

Russia buzzed NATO aircraft four times in a single day -- Defense News

Russian general speaks with NATO counterpart for 1st time in years -- AP

Nato needs a grand strategy for Russia, says UK general -- BBC

Swedish Army Buckles Up to Last Longer Than 'One Week' -- Sputnik

France Will Have No Aircraft Carrier For 24 Months -- Aviation Week

Germany says to keep soldiers in Baltics as long as needed -- Reuters

Switzerland taps Kongsberg for Protector weapon system -- UPI

Enders warns A400M is 'Damocles' sword' for Airbus -- UPI

House bill would slash US lethal military aid to Ukraine by half -- RT

US military sets sights on al-Shabab in Somalia -- Al Jazeera

Marine air power helped annihilate ISIS in former Libyan stronghold -- Marine Times

US admiral in disputed South China Sea: ‘We will be here’ -- AP

Air Force nuclear officer: New START treaty is ‘good for us’ -- Defense News

Pentagon Seeks ‘Stealthy’ Tiltrotor Chopper -- Sputnik

Air Force downplays requirements changes to Air Force One replacement -- Defense News

Goldfein: Air Force must hone its skills to face growing global threats -- Defense News

Trump warned of national security consequences with drastic cuts to Coast Guard budget -- Washington Times

National security adviser to make rare appearance before Senate Armed Services Committee -- Defense News

Deployed US Navy Has A Pregnancy Problem, And It’s Getting Worse -- Daily Caller

Loose lips sink ships: Adm. Richardson asks Navy to dial back discussion of capabilities -- Navy Times

White House pushing back against Mattis appointment -- Politico

Sec. Mattis Has a New Nickname to Replace 'Mad Dog'... Oh, and He Does His Own Laundry at The Pentagon, Too -- Benny Johnson, Independent Journal Review

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