Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Philippine President Duterte Asks The U.S. Ambassador On Why Did America Not Deploy An Armada Of Warships To Stop China Constructing Man-Made Islands

President Duterte meets with United States Ambassador Sung Kim at Presidential Guest House in Panacan, Davao City back in January. Malacanang Photo

ABS-CBN: Duterte: US should've sent fleet to halt China structures in disputed isles

MANILA - If the United States really wanted to avoid trouble in disputed territories in the South China Sea, it should have sent a fleet to stop China from building structures there, President Rodrigo Duterte said.

In a conversation with US Ambassador Sung Kim earlier this week, Duterte said he was surprised that America did not utilize its navy’s 7th Fleet, which is headquartered in Japan and patrols the Pacific Ocean, to stop Chinese construction activities once they were spotted by reconnaissance units.

“Sabi ko, I am surprised Mr. Ambassador, because had America really wanted to avoid trouble early on…why did you not send the armada of the 7th fleet?…and say to their face, ‘You cannot build manmade structures sa high seas,’” Duterte said in a speech in Mindoro on Wednesday.

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Update #1: Duterte to US: Why didn't you send armada vs China islands? (AP)
Update #2: Duterte to US envoy: Why didn’t you send ships to stop China reclamation? (

WNU Editor: So he wants the U.S. to fight his battles .... while insulting U.S. leaders. That is not how you do things.


"Sebastian" said...

Kind of shows what kind of person he is. Most likely he does this to look cool and tough to his own people.

A little bit like Un and Erdogan.

fazman said...

Idiot needs to be hung out to dry by the u.s

Aizino Smith said...

You do not get things done by continually harping on other countries human rights record either.

I learned that by observing all the love and joy Senor Carter spread.

Barack, the beta boy, could not get tough with the really bad actors.

To wit he got flexible for Putin. He really limbered up for Vlad. I don't thing Vlad swings that way much to Barack's annoyance, but I digress.

Since Barack would not get tough with Russia, China, North Korea, Sudan etc, he got tough with not so bad countries.

That is how you do it, if you are a liberal. You do the pareto principle in reverse.

Duterte is doing what China did in the 1950s, which is why in the 1960s and 1970s it was safe for little Wong to go from 1 side of Beijing to the other side on public transportation and not be raped, robbed or murdered.

I can see where Obama got real irritated about drug dealers being executed. Obama probably sold to friends. BamBam identifies with the drug dealers more & cares more about their deaths than the more numerous overdose deaths.

If China rolls up smaller countries, then the U.S. is going to be facing men and weapons produced form those smaller countries. This is much like Britain and France faced Czechoslovakian tanks given to the Germans by Neville Chamberlain.

It is not too hard to so a Czech tank with German colors in pictures of the fall of France.

It is much easier for an asswipe like the boy-king to complain about human rights than face down China.

Anonymous said...

Truly the Trump of the Far East. Simply stupidity and ignorance with the turbo engine.

Aizino Smith said...

Whichever Anon this is, I bet has never lived in a country, where it was so bad that people did not stop for stop signs nor traffic lights.

They have not lived in a country where the police and criminals fight with machine guns.