Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Philippine President Tells China That The Territory West Of The Philippines 'Is Ours'

The Independent: Rodrigo Duterte: Philippines President tells China huge ocean area 'is ours'

Outspoken leader rolls back on earlier diplomatic overtures to Beijing over territorial dispute

"You go there and tell them straight that this is ours, but I say it in friendship," he told a news conference, when asked about the issue in the waters facing the Pacific Ocean.

His country has no option but to be diplomatic about ownership of Benham Rise, because "I cannot match the might of China," he said.

Beijing and Manila have a separate long-running territorial feud in the South China Sea west of the Philippines, but tensions have eased considerably since Mr Duterte took office last June and began reaching out to China.

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WNU Editor: China has a different point of view .... Rody: Benham is ours; no it isn’t, says China (PhilStar). And to make their point .... China to step up patrols to create ‘first class’ navy (South China Morning Post)

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Anonymous said...

What an idiot...He first buddies up to China, while killing thousands at home, then he notices that he's a burning pile of shit and starts to smell and now he is all tough again to make people at home love him again. .f you, Dutrete! I hope a mother or father of a son you had killed will bring justice to you

Anonymous said...

When he comes begging get the US for help, I hope it is costly.

Anonymous said...

Duterte must go. .he's such a murderer
Unbelievable that many Philippines still hold on to him. .. I love philippinos. .they are truly some of the nicest people on earth, but it's their deep religious faith that let's them be brainwashed in thinking drug dealers (even if only accused with no evidence) can be killed like this. ..in a few decades this will be the biggest stain on the Philippines history and they don't deserve this the people don't deserve to be killed like this. .