Monday, March 6, 2017

Russian Major General Seriously Wounded In An IED Attack In Syria

Buildings destroyed during combat activities in the Homs Governorate, Syria. © Michael Alaeddin / Sputnik

RT: Russian general hit by roadside bomb in Syria loses both legs

Russian Major General Pyotr Milyukhin lost both his legs and an eye when a radio controlled bomb hit a military convoy heading from the Tiyas airfield, west of Palmyra, to the Syrian city of Homs, it has been confirmed.

Milyukhin is in an intensive care unit at Russia’s Main Military Clinical Hospital, medical officials confirmed to RIA Novosti on Friday.

The hospital refused to disclose any details, but said that the high-ranking officer had been placed "in the 56th department."

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WNU Editor: This Russian General was not the only Russian casualty reported this weekend .... Russian Soldier Dies Near Palmyra During Terrorist Offensive Against Syrian Army (Sputnik).

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Anonymous said...

A hero. I hope he can adopt to his new life. Not easy to lose both your legs.