Saturday, March 11, 2017

Satellite Images Show North Korea Is Preparing For Another Nuclear Test

Joseph S. Bermudez Jr., RCD/38 North: North Korea Prepares for Another Nuclear Test


New commercial satellite imagery of the Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site from March 7 indicates activity at the North Portal, Main Administrative Area and Command Center. The sum of these activities supports an assessment that North Korea continues to prepare the tunnels at the North Portal for a future nuclear test. It also suggests that Punggye-ri is capable of handling a sixth nuclear test on short notice once a nuclear device and the associated monitoring equipment are emplaced. However, it is not possible to predict the timing of such a test based on the latest image.

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Update #1: North Korea War? Pyongyang Preparing For Next Nuclear Test, Satellite Images Show (IBTimes)
Update #2: Satellite Images Show Preparations for Nuclear Test at North Korean Site (Sputnik)

WNU Editor: This would be North Korea's sixth test should they decide to go through with it.


Aizino Smith said...

The North Koreans have greatly expanded the Japanese facilities.

Me things the North Koreans would be further ahead if the Russians had not looted those facilities.

Anonymous said...

While interesting, what impact this has on the rest of the world is redundant. The fact is North Korea hasn't signed a non proliferation treaty and while their actions don't adhere to international norms, we as foreigner nations have little to no say on what this country does.

What i find disturbing is as North Korea increasing builds forces to defend itself and capabilities to retaliate, there is a rhetoric of we must stop them. From WW2 certain Countries ambitions has been to push further North and by enlarge where stopped in Korea and later Vietnam.

As the Pivot back towards the Pacific happens any military strategists worth his salt will see North Korea is the vital route into China. It always has been but without a gross allocation of resources and the greater international support then this is an impossible task. North Korea by design is a buffer zone between an invading Western army and the Eastern powers.

B.Poster said...


You may well be on to something here. To express this another way, South Korea could perhaps be considered a buffer zone between an invading Eastern army and Western powers. Since there's little we can do to contain North Korea and South Korea likely isn't up to the task either, perhaps a deal with China is in order.

We need clearly need to renegotiate the trade agreements between us and China, our buffer zone needs to remain in tact, and our "ally" South Korea needs some security from the North Korean bully. In exchange for renegotiating the trade agreements and China acting in a concrete manner to restrain North Korea, we will agree to recognize China's claims in the South china Sea. In order to accomplish this, we will need actions and not words from china.

Furthermore with the complete disarray of the "west" right now there is pretty much no possibility of some "western" army invading the eastern powers. By making an agreement now and sticking to it China stands to reap huge gains while losing nothing.

Aizino Smith said...

B.S. Poster went from badly mangled grammar to perfect grammar in no time at all.

Much of the time people write like they speak.

That is colloquially.

You are not writing at all colloquially.

I think if B.S.'s handler bought a computer program, they would be further ahead.

The Lubyanka spa treatment for B.S. Poster and an attentive maintenance man and electric juice for the computer hosting the software program.

B.Poster said...


As anonymous pointed out, defeating North Korea is going to take a gross allocation of resources and international support that frankly isn't there right now. As such, some type of deal with China seems the only viable option short of South Korea arming itself with nuclear weapons. As such, there's nothing b.s. in my suggestions at all but rather a sober minded attempt to solve a very serious problem.

Actually, if North Korea is a buffer, the Chinese have been very clever about this. Raise up a buffer, arm it with first rate weapons, be sure to keep it's populace poor so they have nothing to lose should the conflict become hot, drive the populace of your "buffer" state mad with messaging against your enemy, make your "buffer" state heavily dependent upon you, and then you can whip them up to serve as your attack dog agsinst your enemies whenever you feel the need. This has been well played by China indeed.

While not neccesarily a good option, the best option is probably for South Korea to nuclear arm itself. This would give North Korea and their allies something to be concerned with and would greatly limit their options.

How much utility it would have remains to be seen. While South Korea is a prosperous country whose citizens are fabulously wealthy, North Koreans seem to be quite poor. As such, in a hot war, South Koreans have a great deal to lose. North Koreans have nothing to lose. As I said, well played by the Chinese. Set up a buffer state with a very capable military, keep it's people poor, feed it nessaging against your enemies, and make it heavily dependent upon you for it's limited economic livelyhood.

Now, if some of those South Korean nukes can hit the Chinese puppet master somewhere where it hurts, we might get somewhere towards changing North Korea's behavior.

Short of this and since the resources and the international support to wage a conventional military campaign against North Korea aren't available the option I lay above seems to be the only other one. This is far ftom b.s. Instead it is a serious effort to address a serious problem.

Anonymous said...

Aizino...yeah I noticed too.. A couple of months ago after I exposed Russian bposter v1.0 - who had terrible grammar and thought processes- they upgraded him (think the previous guy had to give up)...soon bposter will be replaced by AI software though... the New bposter3.0 will go through millions of news forums and comment boards a day and and leave his totally American thoughts everywhere :) be ready for it hehe

Andrew Summers said...

Russel Crow!