Monday, March 13, 2017

Scotland's Leader To Seek A Second Independence Vote Over Brexit

The Guardian: Scottish independence: Nicola Sturgeon fires starting gun on referendum

First minister to seek second vote on leaving UK, saying Theresa May has failed to move an inch over Brexit negotiations

Nicola Sturgeon has triggered a fresh constitutional battle over Scotland’s future after announcing plans to stage a second independence referendum within two years.

Accusing Theresa May of thwarting Scotland’s desire for a special deal with Europe, the first minister confirmed she plans to hold the vote between autumn 2018 and spring 2019 unless the UK government offers substantial last-minute concessions.

Sturgeon said the prime minister’s refusal to discuss full Scottish access to the single market and to threaten heavy restrictions on the new powers for Scotland after Brexit made a second referendum all but inevitable.

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WNU Editor: The EU has just poured "cold water" on Scotland's plans to push for an independence vote so that they could then rejoin the EU .... EU says independent Scotland would have to join queue to apply for membership (The Independent). But such a referendum call has more to do with Scottish independence from the U.K. .... and that is where the focus will be .... than on rejoining the EU which may take years (if not longer).

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