Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Syria War News Updates -- March 29, 2017

Daily Mail: The city of human shields: 300,000 civilians trapped in ISIS 'capital' Raqqa forced to dress as militants and dig trenches so enemies cannot pick them apart from terrorists

* Landmines and checkpoints around the northern Syrian city prevent escape
* US-backed forces are bearing down on Raqqa, the capital of ISIS's caliphate
* Spies are living among the population, and two people have been executed for alleged collusion with outsiders
* Civilians are made to dress as ISIS militants so they cannot be distinguished

ISIS is using 300,000 civilians as human shields as enemy forces bear down on its capital in northern Syria.

Men living in Raqqa are being forced to wear the baggy pants and long shirts worn by the terror group, making it difficult to pick them apart from militants.

And landmines and checkpoints have been laid out around the city to prevent people from escaping.

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Syria War News Updates -- March 29, 2017

IS holds terrified civilians as human shields in Syrian city -- AP
ISIS leaders’ families escape Raqqa -- Al Arabiya
US-Led Coalition Destroyed Four Bridges, Interrupting Transportation in Raqqa -- Sputnik
Syria fighters take control of IS-held airbase near Raqqa -- BBC
British volunteers preparing for 'bloodbath' fighting Isis in Raqqa as offensive on Syrian stronghold looms -- The Independent
British anti-Isis fighters 'trolling' terrorists as they advance on Syrian stronghold of Raqqa -- The Independent
US service member dies in Syria of natural causes -- AP
An American service member has died in Syria -- Military Times
Syrian army captures Islamic State village near Aleppo -- Reuters
Bus bombing kills five in Syria's Homs: SANA -- Reuters
Syria deal to evacuate Shi'ites and Sunnis from towns: source, Observatory -- Reuters
US-backed Forces to Resume Anti-IS Operations at Syrian Dam -- VOA
Syrian experts visit critical dam spillway near main IS base -- AP
Engineers set to to enter IS-held parts of Syria dam -- AFP
Engineers repair Syria's Tabqa dam spillways after shelling -- Reuters
Spillways functioning normally at Syrian dam: SDF media official -- Reuters
Monitoring groups say US behind deadly air strike on Syrian dam -- Financial Times
Russia criticizes US-led coalition over bombing of Syria dam -- AP
U.S. envoy to U.N.: Syria's Assad 'hindrance to moving forward' -- Reuters
Syrian opposition, Russia discuss reinforcing ceasefire -- Reuters
Russia's Lavrov: still possible to renew cooperation with U.S. in Syria -- Reuters

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