Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Syrian War News Updates -- March 21, 2017

Washington Post: A rebel push on Damascus shows that Syria’s war is far from over

BEIRUT — An unexpected rebel push on Damascus has brought Syria’s civil war to the heart of its capital for the first time in years, spreading panic among residents and serving as a reminder that the conflict is far from over.

Streets emptied and many shops and schools were closed for a third day Tuesday as battles raged on the eastern edge of the city, where the rebels launched their surprise assault over the weekend. Mortar shells crashed into residential neighborhoods, jets streaked overhead, and the rattle of gunfire plunged Damascus back onto the front lines of a war that has raged since 2011.

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Syrian War News Updates -- March 21, 2017

Syrian Rebels Surprise Damascus With New Assaults -- New York Times
Syrian rebels launch second Damascus attack in three days -- Reuters
Syria rebels launch fresh assault on east Damascus -- AFP
Syria conflict: Rebels launch new assault in Damascus -- Euronews
Syria Rebels Press Offensive Near Damascus -- WSJ
Syria conflict: Rebels launch fresh Damascus assault -- BBC
Rebels, jihadists begin new offensive in central Syria -- AFP
Syrian rebels launch attack near Hama -- Reuters
Daesh 'capital' in crosshairs; US sending more troops to bolster offensive -- Arab News/Reuters
Kurds Say Pentagon Plans to 'Send 1,000 Troops to Syria in the Coming Weeks`-- Sputnik
Russia strengthens presence in Kurdish-held Syria -- Financial Tiems
Syrian Kurdish Militia Says It's Getting Russian Training -- AP
Syria Kurds say will get training from Russian forces -- AFP
U.S.-allied Kurd militia says struck Syria base deal with Russia -- Reuters
Russia Says Has No Plans for New Military Bases in Syria -- Reuters
Russia denies report of new base in Syria -- TRT
Russia adds another twist to battle for northern Syria -- Josh Wood, The National
Exclusive: Syrian Kurdish YPG aims to expand force to over 100,000 -- Reuters
'Please don't forget us': the hellish search for Syria's lost prisoners -- The Guardian
Syrian defector to Trump: Stop Assad's machinery of death -- CNN
Syria peace talks to resume without U.N. envoy -- AP
Turkey still determined to play role in final Raqqa assault -- Al-Monitor
Why US Should Team Up With Kurds And Not Turkey To Take Raqqa And Destroy Islamic State – Analysis -- Eurasia Review
Can Syrian rebels build on their Damascus attack? -- Inside Story/Al Jazeera
The battle to rebuild Syria -- James Denselow, The New Arab

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