Monday, March 6, 2017

Syrian War News Updates -- March 6, 2017

The Independent: Battle for Manbij shows Syria’s civil war is almost over – and it looks like Bashar Assad has won

Isis is under military pressure on every side and it seems to be more than it can stand

Winners and losers are emerging in what may be the final phase of the Syrian civil war as anti-Isis forces prepare for an attack aimed at capturing Raqqa, the de facto Isis capital in Syria. Kurdish-led Syrian fighters say they have seized part of the road south of Raqqa, cutting Isis off from other its territory further east.

Isis is confronting an array of enemies approaching Raqqa, but these are divided, with competing agendas and ambitions. The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), whose main fighting force is the Syrian Kurdish Popular Mobilisation Units (YPG), backed by the devastating firepower of the US-led air coalition, are now getting close to Raqqa and are likely to receive additional US support. The US currently has 500 Special Operations troops in north-east Syria and may move in American-operated heavy artillery to reinforce the attack on Raqqa.

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Syrian War News Updates -- March 6, 2017

US-backed Syrian Forces Resume Offensive to Recapture Raqqa -- VOA
U.S.-backed Syrian force cuts last road out of Islamic State stronghold -- Reuters
US-backed Syrian Forces Cut Key Road Linking Raqqa, Deir Ezzor -- VOA
U.S.-backed Syrian militia captures key road out of Raqqa -- UPI
Syrian government forces take over positions from U.S.-backed militia in northern Syria: militia spokesman -- Reuters
Russian soldier dies in militant attack near Palmyra, Syria -- UPI
Ignoring UN, Russia and Assad continue Syrian chemical weapons and bombing attacks labeled war crimes -- FOX News
Turkey steps back from striking Syria's Manbij -- AFP
Tens of thousands flee northern Syria amid assault on IS group -- France 24
North Syria exodus as families flee assault on ISIL -- AL Jazeera
Syria's war: ISIL's explosive legacy -- Al Jazeera

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