Monday, March 13, 2017

Taiwan Rethinks Its War Strategy In The Event Of A Chinese Invasion

Military personnel salute as they stand on M60A3 main battle tanks displayed during the annual Han Kuang military exercise in an army base in Hsinchu, northern Taiwan, July 4, 2015. REUTERS/Patrick Lin

Straits Times: Taiwan 'must rethink' war strategy to counter China's might

From cyber attacks to urban warfare, Taiwan defence experts have come up with a way for the island to defend itself against an increasingly powerful and richer Chinese military, without breaking the bank.

Speaking to The Straits Times ahead of Taiwan's release of its quadrennial defence review this week, they say Taiwan needs to re-draw its battle plans given a limited budget and manpower constraints.

Instead of becoming too reliant on the firepower of precision weapons, troops should hone their expertise in cyber warfare and take advantage of Taiwan's cities, using the concrete jungle to wear down their Chinese opponents, the experts, all former top defence officials, say.

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WNU Editor: If there is a China - Taiwan crisis in the future .... the ending will not be like this one 21 years ago .... The Third Taiwan Strait Crisis: The Forgotten Showdown Between China and America (J. Michael Cole, National Interest).


Jac said...

Well, we don't know what will be the fallout of an invasion of Taiwan by the Chinese, but it will be a huge wake up of America and a very bad news for China.

Anonymous said...

Jac - as someone who has been to China many times, I can assure you it will be very bad news not only for China. While the US military is still superior, and battle tested (also from a logistics standpoint), this would get ugly for both sides unless both agree to stop. Chinese military copied heavily from the US over the last decade and it's been paying off... and why have such a war with people who are not dissimilar from us? China has to stop their "we claim everything" and equally the US has to stop to ringfence them