Monday, March 13, 2017

The Battle For The Iraqi City Of Mosul -- News Updates March 13, 2017

Reuters: Iraq forces face tough resistance in advance on Mosul's Old City

Iraqi forces battling Islamic State faced tough resistance from snipers and mortar rounds on Monday as they tried to advance on Mosul's Old City and a bridge across the Tigris river in their campaign to retake the western part of the city.

Progress by Rapid Response units was slowed by heavy rain on Monday morning, but they were only 100 meters (yards) from the Iron Bridge which connects the Old City with the eastern side of Mosul, military officials said.

Since starting the campaign in October, Iraqi forces with U.S.-led coalition support have recaptured eastern Mosul and around 30 percent of the west from militants who are outnumbered but fiercely defending their last stronghold in Iraq.

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WNU Editor: After Mosul the next Iraqi military target will be the Islamic State's strongholds in Anbar province .... After Mosul, Iraqi troops to target Islamic State in Anbar: commander (Iraqi News).

The Battle For The Iraqi City Of Mosul -- News Updates March 13, 2017

Weary and wary, Iraq special forces fight 'house-by-house' in Mosul -- Reuters
Iraq forces advance in Mosul, search for militants and bombs -- AFP
Iraqi troops face brutal ‘house by house’ fight in final push against Isis in Mosul -- The Independent
Iraqi army cuts off last 'Islamic State' supply line to west Mosul -- DW
IS group fighters trapped as Iraqi forces retake third of west Mosul -- France 24
ISIS is cornered, desperate, and leaving trail of destruction in Mosul -- CBS
Iraqi forces fully recapture district adjacent to Mosul’s Old City -- Iraqi News
Iraq forces make multiple gains in western Mosul -- RUDAW
Mass grave of Isil prison massacre victims found near Mosul --
IS executed more than 500 prisoners near Mosul, claims Iraq authorities -- The Citizen/ANA
Mosul IS battle: Mass grave found at Badoush prison, Iraqi forces say -- BBC
IS fighters left in Mosul will die, says US envoy McGurk -- BBC
U.S. Envoy Warns Any IS Militants Left In Mosul Will 'Die' -- RFE
‘They were bombing randomly’: Mosul civilians doubt coalition’s careful targeting claims -- RT
Displaced Flee Homes in Mosul While Iraqi Forces Continue Battle With IS -- VOA
Nearly 100,000 displaced since start of western Mosul assault -- CNN
In Mosul, schools can save children's lives -- UPI

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