Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Chinese Are Now Having A Debate On What Should Be Their Ties With North Korea

Hemant Adlakha, Japan Times: North Korea sparks debate in China

Earlier this month, China voiced its unhappiness with North Korea for firing four Scud missiles into the Sea of Japan. Beijing had suspended all coal imports from its neighbor earlier in February. Pyongyang responded by accusing Beijing of “dancing to the tune of the U.S.” This was not the first time North Korea had thumbed its nose at China. However, Beijing was in for a surprise when several Chinese strategic affairs experts went up in arms and demanded that China “abandon” North Korea.

In recent times, neither escalating tensions in Sino-Japanese ties nor uncertainties in Sino-U.S. bilateral relations have been the focus for the Chinese. Instead, public opinion has centered on “Fatty Kim the Third” — as North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is unflatteringly called in the unofficial and social media in China — making for a debate fraught with controversy and confusion. To its utter dismay, however, the party-state in Beijing is completely at a loss today in coming to grips with the North Korea problem.

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WNU Editor: I said the same thing in a commentary last year on what is the state of China - North Korean relations, and what to expect .... Chinese Think Tanks Are Now Openly Discussing On How To Remove North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un (October 8, 2016).


Anonymous said...

Ok, now K must be thinking "All that helps me stay alive is demonstrate a credible nuclear capability and a very high likelihood of me being able to execute on that".. means.. he will get more ambitious with the nuclear program, and he will get more paranoid and kill more people..

fred lapides said...


...and so we should....?

Anonymous said...

Actually..the madman of North Korea is China's lottery ticket for becoming the only super power in the world. ..imagine North Korea manages to nuke San Francisco...1-5 trillion USD in immediate loss... 5-20 trillion loss over next few years... must be tempting to let Kim get away with it and then kill him for staying friendly with the US

If China has to get rid of him they hope he'll squeeze the trigger once. .