Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Islamic State Suicide Bomb Attacks Are Blunting The Iraqi Army's Advance Into Mosul

An Islamic State suicide car bomb exploded near the Mosul museum on Wednesday, leaving four soldiers dead

Daily Mail: The devastating aftermath of a suicide BULLDOZER packed full of explosives that ripped apart an Iraqi forces convoy in Mosul

* Bulldozer smashed through vehicles near Mosul museum before detonating a blast that left four people dead
* Iraqi forces battling ISIS in Mosul have advanced into the Old City as they try to seal off a main road to prevent militants sending in more suicide bombers
* Troops are meeting fierce resistance as militants retreat into the Old City, where street fighting is expected in the narrow alleyways and around the al Nuri mosque where ISIS declared its caliphate nearly three years ago

These devastating pictures show the aftermath of a suicide bulldozer packed with explosives that ripped apart an Iraqi forces advance in the fight for Mosul, leaving four dead.

The bulldozer smashed through vehicles and barricades near the Mosul museum before detonating a blast that destroyed vehicles including an Iraqi US-made Abrahams tank.

A spokesman for the rapid reaction forces said: 'A bulldozer packed with a large amount of explosives managed to reach our troops near the museum using the Old City side roads, we lost an Abrahams tank, three Humvees and four soldiers.'

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WNU Editor: This is urban warfare at its worse.

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I hope Revolutionary guard are dropping like flies.