Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Man Behind The Building Of The Vietnam Memorial Wants To Honor This Generation's Fallen

Military Times: ‘The Wall’ is turning 35, and the man behind it wants to honor this generation’s fallen

On Sunday, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial will host a ceremony to commemorate the 35th anniversary of its historic groundbreaking. The idea for a memorial engraved with names of the fallen flowed from my academic research and from testimony before the Senate on what is now called post-traumatic stress, a common reaction to witnessing violence.

The memorial was planned as a societal acknowledgement of those who served, funded by the American people. I started the effort in 1979 while a GS-7 at the Labor Department, thanks to the permission of my wife. This was nonstop work, day after day.

In 1982, the money was in hand, as was a permit to begin construction. The effort barely succeeded. I hope the lessons learned can ease the path to success for a Global War on Terrorism Memorial that will honor a new generation of service members.

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WNU Editor: They even have a name for it .... The Global War on Terrorism Memorial.

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