Monday, March 6, 2017

This Is How A Direct Strike Against North Korea Would Go Down

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Alex Lockie, Business Insider: The US is considering a direct strike against North Korea — here’s how it would go down

Just after North Korea carried out a missile test and a high-profile assassination of Kim Jong Un's half-brother in Malyasia, the Wall Street Journal reported that the US was considering direct military action against the Kim regime.

US President Donald Trump has apparently honed in on North Korea as his most serious external challenge, and has reportedly declared them the single greatest threat to the United States. In January, Trump tweeted that North Korean missile hitting the US, as they've often threatened, "won't happen!"

But in reality, taking out North Korea's nuclear capabilities, or decapitating the Kim regime, would pose serious risks to even the US military's best platforms.

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Update: Strategic expert reveals exactly how the US military will ‘take out’ North Korea’s nuke bases (The SUN)

WNU Editor: The above image on where North Korea's artillery concentration will be should give everyone pause.


Jac said...

While this problem is extremely complex, waiting will make it worse. In 1938 Hitler was not ready and we waited with a marvelous result.

Jay Farquharson said...

We wern't ready in 1938 either.

In fact, we couldn't "match" the Nazi's until 1943/44, after half their military had died on the Russian Front.

Caecus said...

Sounds more like a Hollywood production than a realistic scenario

fazman said...

True what you say but his point is that we are more than a match now the stakes are higher when he 20 icbm with multiple emtry warheads
The question on 2027 will be how the hell did it get to this?

fazman said...

Cluster munitions and mlrs systems along with airpower will silence the big stuff pretty quickly