Monday, March 13, 2017

UN Official: Myanmar Government Trying To Drive The Rohingya Population Out Of The Country

VOA: UN Report Warns Myanmar May Try to Expel Rohingya

GENEVA — A new report presented to the U.N. Human Rights Council accuses Myanmar of “institutionalized discrimination and long-standing persecution” of its mainly Muslim Rohingya population amid appeals by a government representative to the international community to support Myanmar “in its efforts to promote democracy and human rights.”

While Yanghee Lee, special investigator on the situation of human rights in Myanmar, acknowledged the new government has been in power for barely one year, she noted that there were a great many human rights violations that could not wait to be addressed and needed immediate attention.

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WNU Editor: The Myanmar government is denying these UN claims .... Burma says UN claims of crimes against humanity against Rohingya Muslims are ‘exaggerated’ (The Independent).

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The Rohingya could convert to Buddhism.