Tuesday, March 21, 2017

US B-52 Destroys Hotel Used By The Islamic State As Their HQ In Mosul (Video)

The Drive: Watch a B-52 Obliterate This Massive ISIS Held Hotel In Mosul

It was one of Mosul's nicest and largest hotels before becoming an ISIS stronghold.

As the fight for Mosul enters its final and likely bloodiest stage, coalition airpower is stacked high above the city delivering precision air support. The hardest hitting weapon in the coalition's forward-deployed arsenal is the B-52H Stratofortress, which, like the B-1Bs before them, have provided a massive weapons magazine in the sky that can orbit for hours on end and provide precision attacks as well as limited surveillance.

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Update: US bombers destroy hotel 'used as an ISIS headquarters' in Mosul (Daily Mail)

WNU Editor: I cannot help but feel that when this is all over .... every major building in Mosul will have been destroyed.

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