Thursday, March 2, 2017

U.S. Navy Releases Video Of Russian Jets Buzzing The USS Porter In The Black Sea Two Weeks Ago

Daily Mail: Video shows Russian fighter jets buzzing USS Porter in early February - months after Moscow vowed to 'retaliate' for ship's entry into Black Sea

* On February 10, Russian fighter jets 'buzzed' the USS Porter in the Black Sea
* The US says four planes flew dangerously close to the naval destroyer
* In June, the Porter sailed into the Black Sea, angering the Russians
* US-Russia ties have grown more tense since Syria and Ukraine crises

Video has surfaced of Russian fighter jets dramatically 'buzzing' an American naval ship in the Black Sea last month.

The incident came months after Moscow vowed to take 'retaliatory measures' against the US for what it views as an encroachment on its sphere of influence.

Multiple Russian military aircraft came close to the USS Porter on February 10, incidents considered 'unsafe and unprofessional,' a US official said last month.

But the Russian Defense Ministry said no such incidents had occurred.

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Update: Navy releases video of Russian aircraft buzzing USS Porter (The Virginia Pilot)

WNU Editor: The Russians are making it clear that as far as they are concerned, the Black Sea is their backyard .... Full Coverage: Russia Expands Naval Air Patrols Throughout Black Sea Region (Sputnik).


Anonymous said...

I've been "buzzed" closer by fighter jets on rural beaches in the US.

Anonymous said...

That's cool but you're not a destroyer ship. ..flying that close to a military ship that belongs to a different nation - a nation you're almost at "cold war" relations with nonetheless - is a bit more risky... imagine someone gets nervous and shoots them both out of the sky.. bit more significant than you spilling your beer on the beach, you know? ;-)