Thursday, March 16, 2017

U.S. Secretary of State Tillerson: Diplomacy With North Korea Has ‘Failed’

Washington Post: Tillerson says diplomacy with North Korea has ‘failed’; Pyongyang warns of war

TOKYO — The Trump administration made a clear break Thursday with diplomatic efforts to talk North Korea out of a nuclear confrontation, bringing the United States and its Asian allies closer to a military response than at any point in more than a decade.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that 20 years of trying to persuade North Korea to abandon its nuclear program had failed and that he was visiting Asia “to exchange views on a new approach.”

Soon after Tillerson’s remarks, in a sign of mounting tensions, the North Korean Embassy held an extraordinary news conference in Beijing to blame the potential for nuclear war on the United States while vowing that its homegrown nuclear testing program will continue in self-defense.

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WNU Editor: North Korea will probably be the number one issue for U.S. Secretary of State Tillerson when he meets Chinese leaders this Saturday .... Tillerson set to talk tough in Beijing on North Korea (Euronews). As to the question .... Has Diplomacy With North Korea ‘Failed’? .... I would say that there has been no diplomacy in the past few years .... and unless China puts its foot down on North Korea .... which they will not .... any diplomacy will only revolve around discussions on how much money and aid should be given to North Korea .... a non-started if there ever was one.

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Anonymous said...

This rhetoric doesn't sound promising.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. ..but again. ..only diplomacy with North Korea failed. Agreement with China under way.. b1b bomber in its way too... Kim knows

jimbrown said...

Are we testing prc with North Korea?