Wednesday, March 22, 2017

U.S> Soldiers Are Being Tracked By ISIS In Ramadi

U.S army soldiers arrive at a military base near Mosul, Iraq — REUTERS

Vocativ: ISIS Supporters Are Tracking Americans In Ramadi

Pro-ISIS followers are threatening Americans who are helping restore the city that was once an ISIS stronghold

Images of Americans inside the Iraqi city of Ramadi have roiled ISIS supporters, who are calling online for anyone near the western city to attack them.

A pro-ISIS channel on Telegram posted that over 60 American soldiers are in Ramadi, specifically seen inside Anbar University and being escorted by Iraqi security forces and tribal militiamen.

“They tour and walk inside the university like it is their own land,” someone in the channel posted. ‘Wake up and attack them.” Earlier this month the same channel reported “Americans are walking freely” in the area and that “civilians are greeting them, taking pictures and laughing with them.”

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WNU Editor: All of Iraq is dangerous to U.S. soldiers .... not only Ramadi.

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