Friday, March 3, 2017

What Is Russian President Putin Up To?

Sergei Karpukhin / Reuters

Strobe Talbott and Jessica Brandt, The Atlantic: What Putin Is Up To

And why he may have overplayed his hand.

Each year on December 20, the Russian intelligence community pays homage to its enduring guardianship of the Motherland. It was on this date in 1917, six weeks after the Bolshevik Revolution, that Vladimir Lenin established the Cheka, an acronym for “Emergency Commission.” Over the ensuing decades, the commission’s nomenclature and organization chart mutated: It became the OGPU from 1923 to 1934, the NKVD until the early 1950s, and then the KGB for nearly 40 years. After the collapse of the USSR, the sprawling institution was split into separate foreign and domestic agencies. Operatives of both are still called chekists, and they share Lenin’s original purpose: countering Russia’s enemies at home and abroad.

President Vladimir Putin was a KGB officer for 15 years leading up to the fall of the Soviet Union, and the director of domestic intelligence in the late 1990s during his meteoric rise to power. He regularly throws a gala at the Kremlin on December 20 to extol the “sacred mission” of the state security services, recall their past heroes, and highlight their latest exploits. For the last 22 years, Chekist’s Day has been an official holiday in Russia.

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WNU Editor: Strobe Talbott and Jessica Brandt are buying in on the allegations that Russian President Putin was (and is) directly involved in the uproar that is besetting the Trump administration and its contacts with Russian officials. Has the Russian government tried to influence elections ... including the U.S. election .... I would not be surprised. But to believe the premise that the Kremlin and its intelligence agencies are brilliant thinkers and strategists who have the power to influence who will be the next U.S. president .... I hate to burst everyone's bubble .... but they are not that smart or resourceful .... Russian President Putin included. I have listed before a long list on Russian intelligence failures .... from predicting the fall of the Soviet Union, to their involvement in the current wars and conflicts that now beset Russia (i.e. Syria and in Ukraine). In this context .... Russian intelligence does not have a record that I would be proud of. And as for the U.S. election .... where some people have accepted the idea that Russian intelligence has the ability to subvert and influence with its limited resources and media coverage a U.S. election where billions of dollars are spent in advertising and where the main stream media with its massive resources and audience base covers the stories 24/7 .... well .... it stretches my imagination. Bottom line .... the Kremlin is not responsible for what has happened in Washington this past year or what is happening now .... the ones who are  responsible are the ones who have the resources and contacts to push their agenda and to influence the current news cycle .... and they live and work in Washington .... not Moscow.

Update: A friend of mine jokingly told me today that he never realised  thatconversations with a Russian was a crime. I did not think it was funny .... but it does sum up where the U.S. is today .... where just talking to a Russian official results in allegations leading to conclusions (with no evidence) .... followed then by demands to know what was discussed .... followed by more allegations and innuendo .... followed by demands for a full blown investigation (again .... with no evidence to focus an investigation on)  .... and then followed with calls for resignations, charging officials with perjury .... and even talk of impeaching President Trump. But like I said before .... a lot of people are in denial that President Trump won the election .... so we are going down this path. But until the Democrats/main stream media/anti-Trump Republicans have real concrete evidence to present to the American people that serious crimes have been committed .... not allegations and quoting anonymous sources .... in the end .... they are the ones who are going to look like fools (or worse) .... and the American public is going to be even more brutal against them in the 2018 election cycle than they were last year.


Jay Farquharson said...

Yeah, no.

A). Russia has never had so many idiot's to work with:

Eg: " who know healthcare was hard"

Maybe ask Hillary.

B). "Conversations" and "discussions", by Campaign members, during a campaign, are awkward, not illegal.

"Negotiations" are Treason.

So why lie?

Are you protecting "awkward",

Or Treason?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Anonymous said...

Jay you should take your medicine more often You get more and more deranged for each day.

Many Americans love a leader like Trump that puts his country's interests above some globalists agenda

Jay Farquharson said...


Whodat said...

A) Obama was unaware of simple workforce positions being outdated such as banktellers, assembly line workers, cashiers etc. A fact most every most every American knew better then 20 years ago
B) accepting millions of dollars from any foreign government or entity for election campaign requires some sort of communication let's ask Hillary about her Saudi connections or uranium sales approvals
To make points like you did only shows a disrespectful and disregard for the truth in that every human makes mistakes but ignores the quality of mistake such as selling off natural resources to adversaries and selling policies to highest bidder outside of US.
you can LMAO but we know you are just a childish antagonizer with nothing real to say.

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Steven Krische said...

rjbrash said...

Jay is the "Archimedes Plutonium" of War News Update. Same kind of personality we had in the old Physics newsgroup. Wonder if AP is still around.

Jay Farquharson said...

Sorry Milo, about CPAC,

Who would have "thunk it" that there were some lines, even " Conservatives" wouldn't cross,

The loss of Briebart and the Book deal must suck,

That's okay, you've always managed to find a ""Conservative" sugar daddy,

Trump didn't work out,

There will be another.

Buck up.

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Andrew Jackson said...

Hail Right Sector,death to the Bolshevik child rapers!!!!