Thursday, March 16, 2017

Why Are Many Russian Immigrants Not Contributing Back To Their Former Homeland?

Prime Minister Medvedev meeting with Russian expats working in Silicon Valley.

Vladislav Inozemtsev, The Russia File: Russia’s Exceptional Diaspora

Why aren’t many Russian émigrés willing to contribute to their former homeland?

I was reminded of a striking difference between Russia and Israel when I walked past a Washington synagogue this winter. A handwritten poster hung beside the door: “We help Israel!”

Nearly 10.5 million Jews live in countries other than Israel while as few as 6.5 million reside in Israel itself. Contemporary Israel has been built (both remotely and within the country) by people who have spent years living elsewhere. Currently, Israel receives up to $8–11 billion per annum in the form of investment, aid, and remittances from abroad, donated by businesses run by Jews, Jewish charitable organizations, and individual members of the diaspora.

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WNU Editor: I am guilty of this too. I should do more .... but I do not. Even though I have a home in Moscow and almost my entire family is in Russia .... in my mind .... Canada is my home now, and my view is that everyone can take care of themselves back "home".

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TWN said...

Many immigrants, get Taxed/Extorted by terrorist groups and organized crime, by using their families back home as leverage.Back in PM Crouton days, Ottawa made a deal not to prosecute as long as they didn't operate in Canada. As far as I know it's still is in effect.