Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Why The Russian Akula-Class Submarine Is Feared By The U.S. Navy

Sebastien Robin, National Interest: Why the U.S. Navy Fears Russia's Akula-Class Submarines (Stealthy with Lots of Firepower)

The Soviet Union produced hot-rod submarines that could swim faster, take more damage, and dive deeper than their American counterparts—but the U.S. Navy remained fairly confident it had the Soviet submarines outmatched because they were all extremely noisy. Should the superpowers clash, the quieter American subs had better odds of detecting their Soviet counterparts first, and greeting them with a homing torpedo. However, that confidence was dented in the mid-1980s, when the Soviet Navy launched its Akula-class nuclear-powered attack submarines. Thirty years later they remain the mainstay of the Russian nuclear attack submarine fleet—and are quieter than the majority of their American counterparts.

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WNU Editor: Thank God the Russian economy cannot afford building a significant number of them.


Anonymous said...

Hence the drone subs. crew.. harder to detect.. cheaper to maintain.. but..
riskier (and deadlier)... that's the Problem of current financial and political systems and the actors involved will push us to optimise and save on even the most lethal weapons

Ruben Acosta said...

The Hunt for Red October continues

Aizino Smith said...

I have heard said that we only truly excelled in one variable when it came to things nautical.

Russian throw weight, technical ability, and expertise is not taken lightly.

Russian designs also show they can think out of the box.