Thursday, March 23, 2017

Why A War Between China and America Would Be a Total Disaster

Robert Farley, National Interest: Why History Proves a War Between China and America Would Be a Total Disaster

In November 1950, China and the United States went to war. Thirty-six thousand Americans died, along with upwards of a quarter million Chinese, and half a million or more Koreans. If the United States was deeply surprised to find itself at war with the People’s Republic of China, a country that hadn’t even existed the year before, it was even more surprised to find itself losing that war. The opening Chinese offensive, launched from deep within North Korea, took U.S. forces by complete operational surprise. The U.S.-led United Nations offensive into North Korea was thrown back, with the U.S. Army handed its worst defeat since the American Civil War.

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WNU Editor: Comments from Chinese military officials like this one do not help .... China military official: War with US under Donald Trump 'becoming practical reality' (The Independent).


Anonymous said...

Rather bizarre story, from the division of the country to the events of the war. Yet i do find it hard to believe that a war with China would be disastrous. Go back thousands of year and what victories has China won, they were losing to Japan ffs. They built a huge wall, had gunpowder before anyone else. Yet confined to the isolation of their mountainous bowl, it would like shooting fish in a barrel.

I believe that China know this, that in a war they would be sort of friends and allies and would quickly fall to any aggressor. Which is why i believe they are opting to win another way, economically by buying land instead of claiming it, by spreading its people internationally while maintaining a minimal minority in their own lands.

End of the day if you want a war with China, you better ask permission from the Russians first. Lets be honest, thats why the Korea war ended as it did.

Andrew Jackson said...

We would kick the shit out of the Chicom,they're a joke!

Aizino Smith said...

Qin China was an apartheid kingdom.