Thursday, March 9, 2017

Wikileaks CIA Document Dump -- News Updates March 9, 2017

New York Times: C.I.A. Scrambles to Contain Damage From WikiLeaks Documents

WASHINGTON — The C.I.A. scrambled on Wednesday to assess and contain the damage from the release by WikiLeaks of thousands of documents that cataloged the agency’s cyberspying capabilities, temporarily halting work on some projects while the F.B.I. turned to finding who was responsible for the leak.

Investigators say that the leak was the work not of a hostile foreign power like Russia but of a disaffected insider, as WikiLeaks suggested when it released the documents Tuesday. The F.B.I. was preparing to interview anyone who had access to the information, a group likely to include at least a few hundred people, and possibly more than a thousand.

An intelligence official said the information, much of which appeared to be technical documents, may have come from a server outside the C.I.A. managed by a contractor. But neither he nor a former senior intelligence official ruled out the possibility that the leaker was a C.I.A. employee.

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Wikileaks CIA Document -- News Updates March 9, 2017

Assange accuses CIA of 'devastating incompetence' over leaks -- AFP
Source of the Latest WikiLeaks Document Dump Appears to Be CIA Contractors: U.S. Officials -- Reuters
WikiLeaks, CIA probe to focus on outside contractors -- FOX News
FBI investigating source of WikiLeaks' purported CIA document dump -- ABC News
FBI opens investigation into CIA document theft and WikiLeaks release -- CBS News
Inside Vault 7: Digging into WikiLeaks ‘Year Zero’ trove of CIA hacking docs [UPDATED] -- Fifth Domain Cyber
CIA: WikiLeaks dump 'equips' US adversaries -- Al Jazeera
CIA aware in 2016 of Vault 7 leak that led to WikiLeaks release -- ABC News Online
Trump 'extremely concerned' by WikiLeaks CIA release -- DW
Donald Trump team attacks WikiLeaks over CIA files, despite President once saying he 'loved' them -- The Independent
Spicer attacks 'double standard' in response to WikiLeaks dump -- CNN
WikiLeaks dump first big test for new CIA head -- Fifth Domain Cyber
WikiLeaks says Tuesday's massive dump of documents on CIA hacking was 'less than one percent' of what they have on the spy agency -- Daily Mail
Next WikiLeaks worry: the release of the code -- USA Today
WikiLeaks says there's still a lot of CIA documents to come -- Mashable
China urges US to stop hacking other countries following Vault 7 release -- RT
WikiLeaks embarrasses the CIA -- The Economist
Wikileaks and the CIA: What’s in Vault7? -- Adam Segal, CFR

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