Wednesday, March 1, 2017

World News Briefs -- March 1, 2017

A screen shows the Dow Jones Industrial Average soon after the market opened on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange . REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

Reuters: Dow tops 21,000 after Trump speech, rate hike talk

The Dow crossed the 21,000 mark for the first time on Wednesday after U.S. President Donald Trump's measured tone in his first speech to Congress lifted optimism and investors viewed a looming interest rate hike as a glass half full.

The three main stock indexes were on track for their best one-day gain since Nov. 7, a day before the U.S. presidential election, with the S&P 500 and Nasdaq also hitting record highs.

Trump on Tuesday said he wanted to boost the U.S. economy with a "massive" tax relief and make a $1 trillion effort on infrastructure, bets that have helped Wall Street scale fresh records since the Nov. 8 election.

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US and coalition military strikes continue against ISIS terrorists in Syria, Iraq.

Up to 15,000 IS fighters remain in Iraq and Syria: US general.

Iraqi army nears Mosul's main government buildings as battle to oust Isis proceeds quicker than expected.

Syria air force bombed convoy, U.N. says in Aleppo probe.

Syria's FSA vows to attack government forces in Al Bab.

Syrian Army retakes Palmyra citadel from ISIS – sources to RT. Palmyra: Syrian forces 'enter' IS-held town.

UN Syria probe finds all sides committed war crimes in Aleppo. UN: Both sides committed war crimes in Syria's Aleppo.

Russia and China veto UN resolution to impose sanctions on Syria.

48,000 displaced by battles around Yemen's Mokha: UN.


Taliban assaults target two security buildings in Kabul. Twin blasts in Kabul, Taliban claims deadly attacks. Simultaneous Taliban attacks kill at least 16 in Kabul.

Myanmar army denies ethnic cleansing of Rohingya in Rakhine state.

Kim Jong-nam assassination: Indonesian and Vietnamese women charged with murder.

North Korea calls Kim Jong-nam VX poison claim 'absurd'.

China reacts with anger, threats after South Korean missile defence decision.

Xinjiang deploys over 10,000 armed police in latest show of force after terror attacks.

Duterte resumes police's war on drugs in Philippines.

10-country summit in Pakistan ends on call for closer ties.


Thousands flee Boko Haram attacks around Nigeria's Chibok: IOM.

Egypt: Attacks on Copts in Sinai 'a message from ISIL'.

UN troops use locals in Mali peacekeeping mission.

Ethiopian opposition leaders face coup charges.

Drought worsens insecurity in Kenya's Rift Valley.

Lesotho's Pakalitha Mosisili loses parliament vote.

Tunisia beach attack: 33 face charges for failing to help tourists.

Mugabe, 93, flies to Singapore for 'medical review'.

Zimbabwe nurses join doctors in a strike over pay and bonuses.


EU's Juncker unveils post-Brexit vision for bloc. 'Stop bashing the EU', Jean-Claude Juncker tells European leaders.

Fillon refuses to quit French election despite investigation. In fiery speech, Fillon refuses to quit French presidential race. French presidential candidate Fillon to continue campaign despite wife-job scandal.

Brexit bill delayed as Lords back EU nationals' rights. UK PM May's Brexit plan suffers hitch in parliament.

Dutch nationalist Wilders slips to second in poll ahead of March 15 vote.

Phones cut in eastern Ukraine as rebels seize firms.

Greeks protest as government, lenders discuss new austerity.

Italy grants partial clemency to former CIA officer.

Police investigate series of random acid attacks on women in Berlin.


Trump promises 'renewal of American spirit' in Congress speech.

Officials: New Trump travel ban removes Iraq from list.

White House supports renewal of spy law without reforms: official.

Canada, U.S. join forces on tackling border asylum-seekers.

Colombia's FARC rebels begin disarming under peace deal.

Chile floods: Drinking water returns to capital Santiago.

President Oprah? Winfrey doesn't rule out 2020 run.


There are seven terror organizations making headlines.

ISIL video threatens China with 'rivers of bloodshed'.

US confirms airstrike killed senior Taliban leader.

Muslim, Christian clerics say don't link Islam to terrorism.


Dow Jones breaks through 21,000 mark. US stocks surge to new records; Dow above 21,000 points.

US businesses raise concerns over Trump policies: Fed.

YouTube takes on cable with new TV service.

Uber boss Travis Kalanick says he must 'grow up' after argument with driver caught on dash cam.


fred lapides said...


B.Poster said...

Not certain on how wise this is to be "annoying" China. After all the United States is still heavily dependent upon ?made in China", is 20 trillion in debt (more if unfunded liabilities are counted), has a broken, crumbling infrastructure, the military is badly depleted, and the loss of the US dollar as world reserve currency is on the horizon. Instead of seeking to "annoy" countries like China, Russia, and other major powers it might be a good idea to try and cooperate with them.

Perhaps even seek to add value to them. This would an approach that would have a reasonable chance of securing good endings and positive outcomes for the American people and the country. Approaches that would have countries like China and Russia as adversaries can likely only literally lead to dead ends for America.

Now if these "allies" like Japan wish to engage in adversarial activities with regards to China or someone else, go for it but there is no good reason for America or it's people to be used as pawns in their power struggles.

RussInSoCal said...

Last year the US sent three Burke Class DDG's to the South China Sea. The three ship strike group managed to stretch the PLAN's defense pickets beyond their ability to track them. They did it routinely. Another advantage for the US Navy is friendly ports in every country in the area. And cooperative military agreements with them.

I think China has the Philippines.

B.Poster said...


I'm highly skeptical that a three ship strike group is going somehow stretch Chinese defenses and do it routinely. This type of thing seems to be wishful thinking. Very respectfully, in sales, we learn at an early age or we should especially as a business owner if something sounds to good to be true it probably is. Such a report should be treated with extreme skepticism and probably rejected as the utter garbage they probably are.

The ports you mention are not "friendly." They are happy to use and abuse the US for their own ends as pawns in their power struggles. Furthermore the "cooperative military agreements" only work as long as it suits these countries. For example, expect no assistance from them when/if the US is invaded.

Part of the problem with US foreign policy has always been threefold. 1.)We tend to compensate people and nations for cooperating with us but when the going gets rough we cut them loose. This is NOT going to be a good way to win friends and influence people over the long haul. At least the latter part of cutting people and nations loose the moment the going gets rough is not going to be helpful. 2.) When we compensate others for cooperating with us, we tend to overcompensate them while getting much less in return than we should. 3.)1 and 2 together lead those who would cooperate with us to the inevitable conclusion that we are a combination of chumps and dupes and they don't respect us.

Now assuming the claim is correct and again of dubious likelihood we can be reasonably certain that the Chinese military studied what happened, have learned from it, and the US Navy will not be able to duplicate the feat if there is a next time. So in effect and again such a claim should be treated with extreme skepticism assuming the claim of a year ago is true then this means we've given up an advantage and for no good reason. American leaders really have been stupid chumps and unfortunately I see no evidence that this has changed.

These current silly "defense" agreements need to be renegotiated and NOW. If America is to survive and prosper it's defense posture needs to be reoriented. In order of likelihood the main threats to American national security are 1.)an attack against the US mainland by Islamic terrorists using some combination of "dirty bombs" and very likely suitcase nuclear weapons detonated simultaneously across multiple metropolitan areas, 2.)an all out nuclear attack by Russia and with our aging nuclear arsenal combined with cyber attacks against our facilities and equipment a response will be problematic at best and 3.)an invasion of the US mainland by Russia, China, Russia and China, or Russia, China and some combination of their allies. In trying to deal with this and formulate a defense, "friendly ports" in places like Japan and elsewhere have pretty no utility.

As stated, those agreements need to be renegotiated and it needs to be made clear that no we will not being paying your inflated price to use your "ports" and no our precious military personnel are not going to be used as pawns in your power struggles. Once they learn we aren't stupid chumps, we might even be able to negotiate meaningful defense agreements with said countries that might make sense for us and even lead to strong stable alliances based upon mutual benefit, respect, and trust.

RussInSoCal said...

We have the Carl Vinson CVN strke group in the South China Sea right now. A CG can monitor and defend an area about the size of Texas. China just can't. Not right now anyway. And its interesting that they're so quiet about it.

Anonymous said...

Wow took 5min for the warnewseditor to delete my comment about bposter's lack of knowledge and clear pro-russia/pro-China trolling.. thanks

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is the chinese are hated (!) By their neighbours and the Americans are welcome. .how do I know that? I've been living all over Asia..including Vietnam China Philippines Singapore and visited many other places including Thailand Laos Japan. . There's very little sympathy for the Chinese. ..for China to be a super power they need friends and bases around the World. ..they can only have bases where they build them in water haha that's a cute pr stunt but just further annoys their neighbours. .considering that everyone thinks the Chinese got it all figured out they make an awful lot of mistakes and enemies while doing so

Anonymous said...

Bposter out of interest. .how much does russia pay you for posting this pro-russia nonsense while pretending you are an American? You realise that you waste your time? Work for the Americans and earn properly haha

Jay Farquharson said...

WNU Editor only deletes comments that leave the site liable under Canada's hate crime laws, slander laws or advocate violence.

Either you "gibbled" your post, or that was one doozy of a lawsuit/criminal charges post.

Jay Farquharson said...


Anonymous said...

Jay - check the number of bases

Jay Farquharson said...


The British Empire had a crap load of global bases at one time too.

The reality is, China is everybody in the South China Sea's, and the South Pacific's #1 trading partner.

You've got Australia, the US's # 1 Pet Dog since the 1930's, in the Pacific, opting out of "Freedom of Navigation" games,

Because Jobs.

War News Updates Editor said...

Anon. In all the years that I have been doing this blog. 80,000 posts .... hundreds of thousands of comments .... I think I have only deleted 3 or 4 comments. But Jay is right .... I do read every comment to protect myself from Canadian libel laws. On a personal note .... I also hate it when people swear in their comments. I let it go by .... but my respect for the person commenting always goes down 10 points when I see it.