Wednesday, March 8, 2017

World News Briefs -- March 8, 2017

Reuters: Iraqi forces see off Islamic State attack, seize road out of Mosul

Iraqi forces saw off an overnight Islamic State counter-attack near Mosul's main government buildings and took full control on Wednesday of the last major road leading west to the militant-held town of Tal Afar, the military said.

Troops also captured the Badush prison, northwest of Mosul near the road, where Islamic State reportedly executed hundreds of inmates in 2014, another military statement reported by state TV said.

Inside Mosul, troops battled the ultra-hardline Sunni Muslim fighters, who hid among the remaining civilian population and deployed snipers and suicide car bombs to defend their last major Iraq stronghold.

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Iraq forces hunt for bombs, jihadist holdouts in Mosul.

Iraq vows to target militants in neighboring countries. Iraq PM says won't hesitate to strike jihadists in nearby countries.

Rubble and ash in Mosul museum retaken from Islamic State.

Iran accuses US of stirring tensions in Gulf.

Lebanon appoints a new army chief, ending 2-year impasse.

US delegation explores moving embassy to Jerusalem.

Israeli lawmakers give initial approval to bills quieting mosques.


At least 30 die in attack on Kabul military hospital.

Pakistan gunfights kill 15 militants, two soldiers.

Thousands cross from Myanmar to China amid border violence.

China urges US and N. Korea to avert 'head-on collision'. China: U.S., North Korea on collision course.

As North Korea missile threat grows, Japan lawmakers argue for first strike options.

Defector compares North Korea's Kim Jong Un to Roman emperor Nero.

North Korea’s reliance on China to grow as ties with Southeast Asian nations unravel.

Son of assassinated Kim Jong Nam appears in YouTube video.

China sees first monthly trade deficit in three years.


Libya's eastern parliament quits UN peace deal with Tripoli.

UN urges probe of DR Congo violence.

Warnings of full-blown famine in Somalia.

Kenya to hire foreign doctors as strike talks fail again.

Nigeria shuts capital's airport for at least six weeks.

S.Sudan students miss final exams over security fears.

Robbers 'pose as police' in Johannesburg airport heist.

Strongest cyclone in 13 years hits Madagascar.


European diplomats urge support for US soft power against Russia. Eastern European diplomats to US senators: more military aid, no ease on Russia sanctions.

Ukraine threatens Russian bank with sanctions over separatist documents.

Turkey has stepped up spying in Germany, says Berlin.

NATO, U.S. slap Kosovo's move to create national army.

Germany warns Turkey over Nazi jibes amid referendum row.

UN: South Africa's ICC withdrawal revoked after court ruling.

Rhinoceros shot and killed by poachers at French zoo.


House intel chair: Media take Trump tweets too literally.

WH: 'No recollection' that Trump met Russian ambassador at event.

White House condemns escalating anti-Semitic threats across U.S..

Ex-NSA deputy director affirms Russia couldn’t have changed one single vote in US election.

Unions lead mass protests in Buenos Aires.

Colombia: Baby boom follows FARC peace deal.

Brazil's 2-year recession is nation's worst on record.

Ex-Panama ruler General Noriega suffers brain haemorrhage.

PM Trudeau's wife wants to celebrate men on Women's Day.


Trump tweet signals ongoing support for Guantanamo.

Trump attacks Obama for releasing 'vicious' Gitmo prisoners.

Intel report: 121 former Gitmo detainees returned to terrorism.


Apple, Samsung and Microsoft react to Wikileaks' CIA dump.

OPEC output cuts exceed target: Kuwait.

Trump trademarks approved by China.

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