Saturday, April 29, 2017

A North Korean - U.S. War Would Cost Trillions

US/South Korea exercises in March: A cause for concern in Pyongyang. (US Navy)

Emma Reynolds, The $3 trillion ‘catastrophic’ cost of a North Korea-US war

IF A North Korea war does become a reality, one unmanageable $3 trillion consequence that hasn’t been widely acknowledged threatens to wreak havoc on the world.

The defiant nation launched another missile test today, just hours after stern warnings from Donald Trump that a “major, major conflict” was possible.

The conflict between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump could unfold in several ways, but it is the 30 million citizens of the hermit state whose fate could trigger a global catastrophe.

A thermonuclear war would be a humanitarian and ecological disaster for the entire region, with radiation causing a nuclear holocaust that tears into South Korea, China, Russia and Japan.

But if conventional weapons are used and the Kim regime collapses (a more likely scenario), we may face an alternative nightmare.

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fazman said...

How much would it cost to rebuild Tokyo or hawaii?

Anonymous said...

3 trillion is a little light. in the end, probably more like 10+ trillion

B.Poster said...


In another post you had referred to North Korea and it's leader as "comical." How exactly does a "comical" country threaten Hawaii? As for Tokyo as long as the
Japanese don't insert themselves in this they needn't worry about it. Sonce you concluded in another post that Jorth Korea is "comical", you must have now changed your mind. Very respectfully please explain what new information have you come accross to change your mind?

Smart people often change their minds when presented with updated information. I've had to change my mind mwny, many times. As has been stated by others, challenge your preconceptions or they will challenge you!! Again, what changed your mind here?

I noticed you mentioned "Tokyo" and "Hawaii." Americans generally care about you. Japanese generally hold Americans in utter contempt. Since Aussies are among America's only true friends on earth, we can be pretty certain the Japanese hold you on utter contempt as well. As such, it might be a waste of time for you to worry about them.

Rest assured the North Koreans can target "Syney", "Melbourne", or any other Australian city and multiple ones they choose. If it were those cities and the people who live in them as opposed to Americans and their cities in the cross hairs, you might be a bit more circumspect about this.

For what it's worth, Americans really appreciate Australia's friendship. Unfortunately you are friends with the country who played a nominal role in winning WW2. That nation is long gone and no longer exists.

fazman said...

In case youve missed the news Kim has put Australia in his sights. , but if he cant succesfully launch a modified scud successfully then tell me how he can make good on his threats of icbm armegeddon. ?
No he cant YET, and that is why l call him almost comical. He is playing on this air invincibility this myth of a sea of fire and a million dead that you also perpetuate.
There is next to zero chance he can win a war against the u.s not 50/50 , if he is to be dealt with the sand is indeed running out of his hourglass because in a couple of years it will cease to be a regime of smoke and mirrors and he will cease to be even remotley comical.
You do realise that Aust is in a pact to automatically defend South Korea incase of an attack by the North,that is something that gives me as much a vested intrest in all possible scenarios as yourself.

B.Poster said...

"How can he make good on his threats of ICBM Armageddon?" He has mislead you as he has mislead much of the world. Unfortunately much of the world is not the Russians and tne Chinese. I'm hoping and praying DJT has figured this out. If it were, perhaps they'd allow us to survive and we could depend on tnat.

Essentially to ensure Chinese help with this will mean recognizing Chinese superioty
iority felative to America. The same applies to Russia. Recognize their current superiorty and good outcomes are still possible.



fazman said...

Yeah he wastes much of his limited resources on failed launches to give his enemies a false sense of security?
If your hypothesis is correct then it increases the need for puntive actions rather than negates it.

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