Friday, April 14, 2017

A Review of Civilian Casualties In The Coalition Air Campaign Against The Islamic State

The aftermath of one of several alleged Coalition strikes on multiple locations in Al Tabaqa, Syria on March 19th 2017 (via Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently)

Alex Hopkins, Airwars: International airstrikes and civilian casualty claims in Iraq and Syria: March 2017

March was the deadliest month ever recorded by Airwars during the Coalition’s campaign in Iraq and Syria. This coincided with the greatest number of munitions dropped by the allies so far in the war. The high number of alleged incidents across both countries forced Airwars temporarily to pause its full vetting of Russian airstrikes in order to keep pace with the reported Coalition toll.

After a disastrous strike on March 17th claimed up to 230 lives in Mosul, media attention intensified – and the Coalition began reviewing its strike policies in the campaign there. However, civilians were also killed in record numbers across the border in the vicinity of Raqqa, Syria. Indeed it appears highly likely that the Coalition killed hundreds of civilians in Syria during March, with little press coverage. Neither the campaigns for Raqqa nor Mosul have finished – and Coalition proxies backed by US forces have yet to even begin fighting in Raqqa city itself.

For the third straight month the reported civilian toll of Russian airstrikes in Syria was surpassed by that of the Coalition in both Iraq and Syria. But this may change, as Moscow again ramps up its own air campaign – one that has already left thousands of civilians dead.

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WNU Editor: This was all predicted before the campaign to recapture Mosul and Raqqa began .... but it is still hard to digest .... and the fight for the Old City Of Mosul and Raqqa is not over by a long shot.


Aizino Smith said...

Good Grief!

Has there been a look at civilian casualties of any other country but American since WW2 with this sort of shark feeding frenzy?

Anonymous said...

We need to do more not less to protect civilian casualties.

Aizino Smith said...

Yes, we need to do more, especially if that means losing.

How else can the Left guilt trip people?

Aizino Smith said...

"French torn over 'criminal' British and American D-Day bombings of Caen"

So if the Allies had not bombed. Winter would have come and Caen would have starved to death like the Dutch did in the last winter.

It shakes you up when you see a person in street clothes dead from starvation in Athens. There was no kinetic action there.

Aizino Smith said...