Friday, April 21, 2017

A U.S. Back-Channel To Russian President Putin?

Vladislav Surkov and Russian President Putin.

Buzz Feed: Trump Administration Expected To Open Diplomatic Channel With Top Putin Aide

The new US envoy would be responsible for negotiating over the fate of war-torn Ukraine.

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration is expected to appoint a new special envoy to communicate directly with Vladislav Surkov, a top aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin once known as the Kremlin’s “grey cardinal,” two European officials told BuzzFeed News.

The job of the new envoy, who has not yet been named, would be to negotiate over the fate of war-torn Ukraine, where a floundering peace deal has yet to bring an end to the three-year conflict, the officials said.

One Western diplomat said German Chancellor Angela Merkel supported the opening of the channel, and raised it with President Donald Trump during their meeting at the White House last month. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson would oversee the selection of the envoy, a full-time role that is expected to include a supporting staff.

A State Department official acknowledged that “there is currently a discussion of the idea,” but said “no final decisions have been made.”

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WNU Editor: Vladislav Surkov does have Russian President Putin's ear.

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