Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Afghanistan War News Updates -- April 12, 2017

USA Today: U.S. troops may not be needed in Afghanistan by 2020, U.S. Afghan ambassador says

Afghanistan’s military should be able to carry on the fight against Taliban insurgents mostly without the help of U.S. and other foreign troops by 2020, Afghanistan’s ambassador to the United States said Tuesday.

“By 2020 our security forces will be able to have what they need to carry on the fight on their own for the most part,” Hamdullah Mohib told the USA TODAY editorial board.

“We’re not talking about creating a new military,” Mohib said. “What we’re talking about is adjusting what we already have.”

He said the forecast assumes there won't be any major changes in the security threat in Afghanistan. The Islamic State has made some inroads in the country, though is not considered a major threat.

Mohib said Afghan’s fledgling air force also is growing more self reliant.

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Afghanistan War News Updates -- April 12, 2017

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