Friday, April 7, 2017

Asia Is Nervous On What May Come Out From The Xi-Trump Summit

Catherine Wong, Kristin Huang, Liu Zhen and Minnie Chan. South China Morning Post: Why China’s Asian neighbours are so nervous over the Xi-Trump summit

Nations in the region are watching very closely for signs the US will scale back its military presence, analysts say.

China’s neighbours in Asia will be watching the Sino-US summit to see if the role of the United States as a key security player in the region will be reduced, observers said.

The analysts said Asian nations were concerned that US leadership in the region might be “traded off” if China gave concessions to President Donald Trump on trade, but were also worried about being forced to take sides if ties between China and the US worsened.

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WNU Editor: I do not expect any break-troughs in this summit .... and I do not expect to see the U.S. scaling back its military presence.

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