Saturday, April 15, 2017

BREAKING NEWS: North Korean Missile Launch Fails

Earlier North Korea unveiled 'game-changer' ballistic missiles during a display of the country's military might

RT: N. Korea’s missile launch attempt fails – Seoul

North Korea has tried, but allegedly failed, to conduct a new missile test launch, according to South Korea’s Joint Chief of Staff. The alleged botched launch comes amid heightened tensions on the Korean Peninsula and a day after Pyongyang showcased its new sea based and intercontinental missiles.

On Saturday, as North Korea marked the 105th birth anniversary of its founding leader Kim Il-sung with a military parade in Pyongyang, the North for the first time publicly showcased its submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs), as well as what appears to be a new type of ICBM.

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Anonymous said...

The question I ask, is how loyal is Kim's inner circle? Doesn't China have any say and can't they stop this kid?? This North Korean issue is like a bad bout of herpes. It just flares up whenever and dissipates.

jimbrown said...

In unrelated news, US Navy completes test of combat laser.

fazman said...

This test may have just made up trumps mind, hes uncharacteristically quiet on this.

fazman said...

Is everyone on Alderan ok?

fazman said...

Is everyone on Alderan ok?

Jay Farquharson said...

Trump's at Mar a Lego golfing again,

This time, without and White House Staff,

Jared and Ivanka are skiing at Whistler.

Hans Persson said...
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Hans Persson said...

Jay in his prime. Ever since he "LMFAO" at my statment that Sweden have no-go zones he is just rolling down the shitcoaster in my opinion. Being the troll nr 2 on this site after B. Poster.

Jay Farquharson said...


Anonymous said... one reads your links.

Aizino Smith said...

"This time, without and White House Staff,"


What is wrong with Jabbers' grammar?

Is it poor, because he is on nitrous oxide or something?

It would explain him shedding weight all the time by LHAO.

fazman said...

What country do you reside in mate?