Monday, April 24, 2017

By Not Clarifying The Carl Vinson's Deployment Change A 'Global And Media Crisis' Was Sparked

The aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson leads the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Michael Murphy

David B. Larter, Navy Times: Carried away: The inside story of how the Carl Vinson's canceled port visit sparked a global crisis

In early April, officials at U.S. Pacific Command were developing plans to respond to a sharp rise in tensions with North Korea. Defense Secretary James Mattis ordered PACOM Commander Adm. Harry Harris to come up with “robust and sustainable” options for North Korea if President Trump ordered a strike on the rogue regime, according to four defense officials who spoke on background.

Harris was traveling in Washington away from his Hawaii base of operations, something that he dislikes because, in his view, something always seems to happen when he’s not in his office. At one point that week, top PACOM officials called Harris to recommend that Vinson cancel its upcoming trip to Australia and make its way back to the waters near North Korea where the carrier had just been in March, thus serving as one of the responses to Mattis’s directive that they explore military options for the Trump administration.

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WNU Editor: The media got carried  away .... and the Pentagon did not treat it with the urgency that they should have to clarify the story.


RussInSoCal said...

Or, maybe Trump is one magnificent, media trolling bastard. News Flash: POTUS has ZERO obligation to tell anyone the location of Navy ships.

Everyone who had the need to know where that CG was knew exactly where it was. China, Japan, Seoul, Russia, etc. But the Norks and MSM bit.

/the US media can go enjoy a nice hot mug of, Go "F" Yourself.

Anonymous said...

Well it perfectly ensures a showdown never seen before..the whole World will now expect -and watch- the American "Armada" (including the symbol of American military "supremacy"), the aircraft carrier - arrive. And, most importantly, the North Korean leader will have to do something, or will have to not do something - and all of that very publicly as well. The dog can't just keep barking anymore with all this media attention. It the dog shuts up and puts the tail between its legs - for all to see - or attacks - also for all to see. This is the genius. The action (fault) is put on him, and very publicly. The Americans are just in international water.

But. ..consumers of this show are we, the whole world, not the Koreans - almost all of them don't get to watch CNN.