Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Comparing China's Aircraft Carriers Against Other Nations

China's first home-built aircraft carrier awaits launch at a Dalian shipyard. Nikkei Asian Review

Julia Hollingsworth, South China Morning Post: In battle to control sea and air, how do China’s aircraft carriers stack up against other nations?

China is about to launch its first homebuilt aircraft carrier, once the tidal conditions are right at the dock where the vessel has been under construction in Dalian.

Weighing 70,000 tonnes and 315 metres long and 75 metres wide, the still unnamed carrier is slightly larger than the Liaoning, China’s only other aircraft carrier, which was made in Ukraine.

Although the launch has been heralded by some as a sign that China is mastering naval technology, other military observers have noted China still only has about four per cent of the United States’ naval capability.

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WNU Editor: The Chinese still have a long way to go before they are a major sea power.


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Anonymous said...

Really weird.. the Chinese are usually great at copying US tech.. but this new aircraft carrier looks like the Ukrainian aircraft carrier they bought ages ago.. aside from a bit of typical low-radar profile (good luck with that)