Wednesday, April 12, 2017

FBI Spied On Ex-Trump Adviser For Russia Ties

The Hill: Report: FBI granted FISA warrant to surveil ex-Trump aide Carter Page

The FBI obtained a warrant to secretly surveil former Donald Trump aide Carter Page last summer under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), according to a Tuesday Washington Post report.

The FBI and Justice Department demonstrated probable cause that Page is acting on behalf of a foreign state in order to be granted the warrant.

The FISA warrant was part of the FBI’s investigation into possible ties between Russia and Trump campaign associates, law enforcement and U.S. officials told the Post.

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WNU Editor: The former Trump aide .... Carter Page .... has responded to this report .... Former Trump Adviser Slams Surveillance Following Reports of Warrant Probing Russian Ties (NBC).

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Anonymous said...


B.Poster said...

I like Mr. Page. I thought him a good choice for an advisor/consultant. As someone who has/had contacts with top Russian officials and was on good terms with them, he would have been/could have been a huge asset to any administration. Such people should be sought out and promoted, not vilified.

Initially I and many of the voting public thought Mr. Trump wise and statesman like for seeking out such people and putting them on his team. while I did suspect Mr. Trump to be rash and impulsive, I had no idea he would be as rash and impulsive as he has turned out to be. The bombing in Syria appears beyond the pale stupid!!

Lets say the goal is to get Russia to withdraw support for Assad and even to oust Russia from Syria. By carrying out the bombing the exact opposite has been achieve. Russia now has a pretext to expand its operations in Syria and elsewhere to undermine America should it so choose. Congratulations Mr. dealmaker you just handed this to them on a gold platter!!

Jay Farquharson said...

Carter Page didn't register as an Agent of a Foreign Government, while acting as an Agent of a Foreign Government,

This of course would attract the attention of the FBI, because the only reasons to do so are:

1) the Lobbiest knows they will be engaging in illegal shit like bribery and blackmail,

2) the Lobbiest knows they will be crossing the line between "influence peddling", into espionage and treason.

That the FBI not only got a FISA Warrant, but got it renewed, means there is flames there, not just smoke.

You might think there might be a moral reason not to register, that the Client is just too abhorrent, and there might be political repercussions, but, not so much.

Lobbiests have represented Mugabe, Quafadi , Pol Pot, the MEK, African Cannibal Dictators, etc, with out censure in Washington.

Aizino Smith said...

flames. Flames! FLAMES! FLAMES!!!

... and 13 months later ... no conviction much less indictment

Jay Farquharson said...


Watergate took 3.5 years, back when even some Republicans had some ethics,

Funny, Putin troll Anzino want's to give up after a few months, but wants to keep the 40+ year Clinton Snipe hunt rolling.