Monday, April 17, 2017

Has China Lost Control Of North Korean Leader Kim Kung-Un?


Gordon G. Chang, Daily Beast: Behind North Korea’s Fizzled Missile: Has China Lost Control of Kim?

Kim Jong Un has shown that he doesn’t care what Washington and Beijing say, and he may have made himself an even bigger threat to these great powers.

A North Korean missile exploded seconds after blast-off early Sunday morning, and the failed test may make North Korean leader Kim Jong Un even more dangerous than he was before.

The launch of what looks like a short- or intermediate-range missile was meant to be an exclamation mark for the massive celebrations in Pyongyang Saturday to commemorate the 105th anniversary of the birth of Kim Il Sung, the founder of the North Korean state.

The two-hour-long military parade at the heart of those celebrations featured what appeared to have been three intercontinental ballistic missiles.

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WNU Editor: When China was poor and had nothing to lose .... allies like North Korea did served a strategic purpose. The Chinese left the North Koreans alone .... and there was an understanding that both would support each other as allies with all of the obligations that such an alliance would hold. But in today's world .... where China's interests are global and there is an expectation among everyone (especially among the Chinese themselves) that they are now an emerging super-power with international responsibilities .... having an ally like North Korea is definitely one massive impediment to their goals. This change in Chinese mindset probably happened after the death of Kim Jung-Un's father a few years ago .... and it has been reinforced by Kim Jung-Un's behavior over the years. It took a while .... but much of the Chinese political establishment now want The Kim family to go away. And as to current North Koraen altitudes towards China .... this probably sums it up .... North Korea Said to Snub Chinese Diplomats as Tensions Mounted (Bloomberg).


Anonymous said...

China.... China since when has china fraught a war. Didn't they loss to Japan in WW2?

Young Communist said...

Anon, nationalist and divided China ruled by Chang Kai Shek fascists has loss to Japan, not the communists.

With an temporary alliance between Chang and Mao forces China emerged victorious in WW2.

After, the people give victory to the man who they think will have better unified and protected the country.

Siding North Korea in the past war is for that purpose, and to give a signal to the West. Today, let see, but for sure they don't want a regime change useful for the West.

Aizino Smith said...

The Chinese communists merely survived.

Mao was the greatest liability to Chinese communism.

Mao left his 1st 2 wives out to dry and Left the armies of 'rival' commanders out to dry too. Mao had the only sizable communist army left. Other armies were foolishly ordered to attack or were not supported by Mao. The armies of rivals generals were demolished and his rivals fell. Was this for Mao or for communism?

Without being in the Pacific, SE Asia, and China simultaneously, the Japanese would have easily defeated the communists.

Once again Young Communists know s not what he speaks.

Any way it is a different Chinese army today facing a different enemy Korea not Japan.

Aizino Smith said...

How much of North Korea's army & air defenses faces north.

It is the latter that is real important when it comes to decapitation.

I really think Kim Jong Un should not be decapitated.

Too Quick

They need something that takes 10 or 20 years.