Monday, April 10, 2017

Has President Trump Abandoned His 'No More Wars Of Choice' Promise?

Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to supporters in Charleston, West Virginia, U.S. May 5, 2016. (REUTERS/Chris Tilley)

Ron Maxwell, Breitbart: America Last?

Donald Trump ran and won on a platform summarized by the slogan America First.

Donald Trump campaigned on a promise of no more wars of choice: no military interventions to liberate other countries, to intervene in so-called “humanitarian” crusades, to force regime change, to coercively spread democracy, or to take sides in other people’s wars or civil wars.

In summation, our military would be used only in the defense of our own country or our closest allies. This was the promise. This was the commitment to the American people made over and over again. It was contrasted with the same old, same old, discredited, interventionist policies embodied first by Jeb Bush, and most of Trump’s primary adversaries, and later by Hillary Clinton.

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WNU Editor: Could not have said it any better.


Jay Farquharson said...

Briebart is starting to take the knives out on Agent Orange.

Looks like the Kushner/Bannon kiss and make out, oops, up, session was less than sucessful.

Anonymous said...

Lost my support. Obamacare still in place, reckless warmongering with a whitehouse rapidly filling with rabid neocons, not what his former base voted for.

Jay Farquharson said...

LMAO, other than Obamacare, it's what he promised on the Campaign trail with his speeches and his appointments.

On Obamacare, well it took the Dem's 7 years of negotiations, compromise and legislation to get that half assed fix through,

Repeal was/is "easy", except for all the Gullibillies that will die,

Replace ain't easy, it would, with a functioning House, Senate and common ground, take years, at best.

B.Poster said...


I agree. Things could not have been said better. These are the exact points I've been trying to make here and elsewhere fro quite some time. I suppose myself, Mr. Maxwell, and you for agreeing with him are now Russian puppets. How dare we promote policies that promote American interests!??!

Of particular interests is the assertion that we can't even be sure who actually carried out the attack. As I pointed out here a few days ago, when assessing things like this we look at motive and opportunity. Clearly the "rebels" have much motive and opportunity. In contrast, the Syrian government had neither.

at this is expanded upon and there is little that I can add except to say it's nice to see at least one other paid blogger is thinking rationally here. This is something a first year police investigator would have easily figured out!! Somehow the US government can't or won't do this and there's other idiot government who want to fall in line with such foolishness!??!

The notion that Syrian warplanes may have hit a chemical weapons depot controlled by the "rebels" is presented. This is certainly plausible. WE DIDN'T HAVE THE TIME NOR COULD THE RESOURCES HAVE BEEN DEVOTED TO INVESTIGATE THIS PROPERLY and Assad lacking both motive and opportunity would be dismissed as a likely suspect barring extraordinary proof.

The argument that a "message" was being sent is a weak one. The only things that have been accomplished are 1.)the fight against ISIS is undermined, a fight that had been going well, 2.)tensions with Syria have been exacerbated, 3.)this was a "pin prick" attack, Russia/Syria/Iran and their allies are likely to respond with the military equivalent of a punch, 4.)Cold War II has been exacerbated even more, and 5.) on top of this Russia is now going to be even less likely to help us deal with Iran "death to America."

To add insult to injury for America, the airfield was undamaged and loss of planes minimal at most. Score this confrontation as a huge victory for Assad,Syria/Russia/Iran and yet another humiliating defeat for America. As I've said when in a hole, the first thing ou do is STOP DIGGING

There may be a time and place where all of this would have needed to have been done. This was not it. WE DID NOT and DO NOT need this.

If there's a silver lining here, there are negotiations between US and Russian leaders coming up soon. If the US does this right, it can show the proper behavior in private and make the proper concessions and work on getting the meeting scheduled between Trump and Putin and we can hopefully FINALLY begin the earnest negotiations to end Cold War II much like Regan/Gorbachav did. IF team Trump is smart and are statesmen this is what they will do.

Unfortunately recent actions indicate team Trump and his advisors are special kind of evil or a special kind of stupid. Such does not lead me to much optimism. Hopefully I'm wrong.

B.Poster said...


The problem with the "fix" of so called "Obamacare" is, at best, for every one person who has been helped at least three have been harmed by rising premiums that they could barely afford before the rise in premiums and/or they have less choices available to them at a lower quality of care than they did before Obamacare.

Even for those few who are seeing a net benefit from this even that will likely be lost when the system collapses as seems most likely at present. My suggesting would be when the leadership becomes serious about reforming healthcare obtain a copy of the Canadian law on this, read it word for word, study it, bring in Canadian experts who are familiar with the law as consultants and have experience implementing it, and implement it keeping it as close to the Canadian model as we reasonably can. I suspect a few tweaks will need be made because America is not Canada and vice versa. While America.

The goal should be to keep it as close to the Canadian law as possible in terms of regulations and implementation. While it may not be perfect, it would be a vast improvement over what we have now and what we had before Obamacare.

B.Poster said...

What I meant by "one other paid blogger" is I'm assuming both the editor of this site and the editor at Johsuapundit where I provided the link to are getting paid by either the advertisers or someone otherwise they would not have the time or the resources to do their fine work. Since the editor of this site has been circumspect and thoughtful about the Syrian situation and not prone to rash judgments, it was refreshing to see at least "one other paid blogger" being circumspect as well. Additionally it was refreshing to see whom I think is probably a paid blogger rational enough to understand that this attack was likely carried out by the rebels and not the Syrian government.

"Paid bloggers" often have trouble being objective as they are blogging for a paymaster who is paying them to convey a certain viewpoint. It is refreshing to read bloggers who maintain a sense of integrity.

I am NOT being for this. If my comment could have been interpreted that way, this should clear up the record.

Jay Farquharson said...

The "problem" with Obamacare, is that while Obama wanted "Medicare for all", because of the Republican's, the best he could get was a mandated for profit Insurance scheme.

It's actually not "HealthCare", it's for profit "Health Insurance".

In Canada, the Government acts as a "not for profit" Insurer, the Hospitals are "not for profit", and we get Universal Healthcare.

In the US, you have a small group of legislators who are:

- librul lefty Islamo- facist hippie dope smokers who believe in Medicaid for All, paid for with taxes

- a larger group of Randian Libertarians who belive all tax spending outside of cops, jails and the military is unconstitutional, and that if you don't have a Platinum Package, or didn't win the sperm lottery, you're a looser and should just crawl someplace out of sight and die.

- an even larger group that believes every transaction in the US, including health care, schools and prisons, should involve a Corporation, making obscene profits, so they can pay their CEO hundreds of million dollars a year, and Wall Street can make a fortune pumping and dumping on workers pensions and 401k's, so that they, the politicians can take massive kickbacks in the form of Campaign contributions, speaking fees, Board positions and preferred shares in IPO's.

War News Updates Editor said...

B. Poster. No one pays me for the work that I do on this site. I have Google adsense .... true .... but no one clicks on their ads, and my return on it is usually around $50/month (basically a few pennies per 1000 views).... money that is always immediately directed at servicing my coffee addition (i.e. coffee beans from Kona, Hawaii).

I do not know about Jay's health system in his part of Canada (each province is different with basic federal guidelines) .... but I live in Quebec, and if you have a serious medical condition here .... this is not a great system. I can spend the entire day talking about my experiences with Quebec's health care system, and my experiences in the US. Of the two .... and this is just my own experience .... I prefer the U.S. system (i.e. Mount Sinai in New York City) .... than Quebec's Medicare system .... by far.

Jay Farquharson said...

Most bloggers, ( strictly bloggers. not you-tubers or Facebook pundits), make their money off site ads.

Site ads are supplied by various ad aggregators, which in the "worst case" assign ads randomly, based on the intersection of site traffic and how much the client pays for the ad. Low traffic sites get cheap ads.

In the "best case", the ad aggregator, uses the visitor's past search and site history to custom configure the ads offered to the viewer.

That's why after googling viagra or Trump, many sites you visit after that will have impotence ads pop up. High traffic sites will have Viagra or Cialis, low traffic sites will have sketchy herbal remedies.

Ad's don't have any input into blog editing,

All though some blogs are crafted as "clickbait" to generate views, which generates higher ad revinue, ( but you make way more money with you-yube or Facebook),

The only impact ad's have on blogging "content". Is if you post something so offensive, that you have to self host the blog, and ad aggregators pull all ads from your site.

Jay Farquharson said...

Mt Sinai is a global leader in health care, if you can afford it.

If I had to provide US Insurance for my employee's, to the same standard of care that BC provides, I would have to close my businesses, as Heath Insurance costs would completely eat all the profits and then some.

War News Updates Editor said...

Yup Jay. The biggest supporters for ending US insurance are employers. Who wants to deal with the paperwork and costs. I personally prefer a mix system .... a public system and a private system where I pay for extra insurance if I want it. And those who do not .... deal with the 16 hour waits in the emergency room.

Jay Farquharson said...

Last time in the ER, the wait time on a Friday night, was 3 hours.

Wait times in ER's are a product of triage, people using the ER as a GP, the lack of GP's, and the lack of clinics.

B.Poster said...

Jay, Editor,

Thank you very much for the dialogue on how bloggers get paid or the lack thereof and on comparisons of the US and Canadian healthcare systems. Constructive dialogue is always appreciated. This is why I come to sites like this. So I can read and learn, comment on my observations from here and elsewhere, read the replies and hopefully learn more all while always trying to keep things respectful. If I have offended anyone I apologize and hope you will find it in your hear to forgive me.

I long suspected my internet searches were being monitored. Every site you go to now it seems the ads are tailored to what was just searched or what is searched regularly. It's never a good idea to do or say anything on the internet that one wishes to keep secret.

I appreciate your comparisons on the US and Canadian healthcare systems and your experiences. It is very insightful. Thank you.

Editor, I like the idea of a mixed system as you suggest. The question then becomes how to implement it. I also understand why employers want the current system ended with its exorbitant costs and regulatory requirements. My work that I get paid for involves helping clients minimize their tax liabilities, stay out of trouble with the government, and navigate the bureaucratic maze that business owners/employers have to fight through every day. Obamacare has been absolutely devastating in terms of increased costs, increased regulatory nightmares, lost jobs, and decreases in innovation because so many resources are tied up simply trying to comply with the law.

War News Updates Editor said...

The wait time in an Ontario hospital on the Quebec border where the GF lives is less than hour .... until last year when Quebecers realised that instead of waiting 12 - 16 hours .... they can drive one hour to the Ontario border, an extra half hour to the hospital .... and then within an hour be treated. Mind you .... this is making a lot of people in Ontario steamed (the GF included).

Bob Huntley said...

A couple of years ago my girlfriend collapsed and couldn't get up. Her legs weren't functioning and she went to ER (Ontario) by ambulance. After the tests etc., it turned out that she had an exploded disc that required an operation which would that required a three month delay during which she would require considerable care.

I suggested she tell her GP, who happened to be the chairman of the hospital's board, that she had some money and would look into going to the US for the operation. The result? She had the operation two days later in another Ontario hospital. Her GP said he called in a favour.

My personal belief is that delays are actually work actions. Yes the more serious get pretty immediate treatment but after that budgets and caps come into play and have created an environment where the medical profession is not as motivated as it once was.

I needed a Catscan for a hearing problem and was told it would take three months to get. After two weeks they hadn't called me with the appointment and when I inquired they had to call the Hospital. They called back and told me "tomorrow evening at 7:15. I have always been an early arrival person and got to the department at 5:45. I was the only person there and was out by 6:20.

War News Updates Editor said...

The worse experience was for my dad. He had a stroke (blood clot) in Montreal, and they knew within half an hour what was happening, but the clot busting medication that was readily available elsewhere was not available in Quebec (because it was too expensive at teh time ?!?!?!?!). Paralysed on the left side. No speech. $250,000+ in extra expenses that we had to spend to get proper and better care) .... 6 years in a nursing home until he finally passed away (my mom went there everyday for 6 years). If he was in the US, Ontario, Moscow .... a good part of his disability would have been restored within a few hours of his stroke with the proper medication.

During those 6 years I got to know a lot about public health care, its shortfalls, its death panels (i.e. please sign here to give us permission to not resuscitate), and more.

As I said .... I can spend the entire night and tomorrow just talking about this.

Groan .... my blood pressure is now going through the roof. Best talk about the wars and conflicts that are happening around the world.

War News Updates Editor said...

Correction. Paralysed on the right side. As I said. BP is through the roof.

B.Poster said...

Again, thank you all for the information on the Canadian health care system. I'm so sorry for the problems anyone has had with any of the systems. Hopefully we can make the systems better for both the United States and Canada.

War News Updates Editor said...

B. Poster. As I always tell my 90 year soon to be 91 year old mom .... DON'T GET SICK!!!! But I think she is more worried about me than herself.

B.Poster said...


She sounds like my mom!! I tell my mom the same thing. DON'T GET SICK!! Like your mom she's more worried about me than herself.

fazman said...

Uummm the airfield wasnt undamaged, the vaunted russian Sams were taken out, ammo gone, refuelling stations gone, and by syrias own admission 20 aircraft gone, Putins bluff poker hand called (he folded) S400 and 300 (manned by Syrians) impotent. Pretty good return on the 100 mill investment considering china and nk also got the message that the rules have changed.