Wednesday, April 19, 2017

How Drones Helped The U.S. Military Defeat The Islamic State In Libya

USA Today: How U.S. drones helped win a battle against ISIS for first time in Libya

WASHINGTON — A handful of drones controlled from the United States and a small force of offshore Marine aircraft played a decisive role in defeating Islamic State fighters in Libya last December, the most prominent example of how the U.S. military can help win a key battle from afar.

The four-month air campaign to drive militants from Sirte without committing large numbers of U.S. advisers or ground forces is being studied as a model for future U.S. military efforts against the Islamic State as its fighters are ousted from Iraq and Syria and seek refuge elsewhere.

The fighting in Sirte was in a densely packed city where nearly 70% of the drone missions were considered so close to friendly forces they needed special authorization.

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WNU Editor: Expect this strategy to combat the Islamic State/Al Qaeda/etc. to be applied everywhere (if not already).

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